Keys to attract the experimental tourist

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Keys to attract the experimental tourist
Tue July 17, 2018

More and more travelers choose destinations that offer experiences with a unique and memorable identity

The future is not in the sedentary journeys nor in the tourism made for masses. The attitudes of consumers are changing and the tendency is to travel to destinations that allow visitors to immerse themselves in local history, culture and cuisine.

Five keys of the experimental tourist

Change of role
In other times, a tourist came to an agency looking for advice or recommendation, today, even before choosing the destination, the tourists explorers like to investigate on their own what it is, what it offers and what experience can live in each destination . They travel throughout the year and their motivations are varied (as well as the length of their stay): short breaks with friends, romantic, solo trips in low season, or bleisure.
Therefore, they tend to choose flexible and well-located accommodation, in the center of the action, capable of offering them an irresistible experience within the purpose of their trip, thanks to its unique location, close to innumerable restaurants, bars and shops, in addition to the theatrical and musical area of ​​the cities where it is located.

Experiences with own style
Beyond personalization, travelers explorers seek unique travel experiences, close to their values, which project their personal brand. That is why the guest appreciates that the hotel team is local, to find that "something different" aimed exclusively at their interests.

Hidden gems in destinations
The explorer traveler seeks immersive travel adventures that combine learning, discovery and also have a touch of surprise. Although the excursions or typical visits can be interesting, they prefer to experience the destinations interacting with the locals in places, restaurants and spaces that they frequent.
In fact, gastronomic experiences are a must for exploring travelers, given that they are closely related to the local culture and are one of the best ways to become familiar with the traditions and habits in each destination.

Social contact
The explorer appreciates hotels that create vital, social spaces that attract a mix of locals and travelers, in which multicultural interactions flow, creating memorable experiences worthy of sharing. The common areas of the hotels are authentic shuttles towards adventure, conversation and the sharing of experiences.

The human touch
When seeking authenticity and discovery, exploring travelers appreciate hotels that offer the best of the most essential, and good service is essential. The human touch, complemented by the digital services most demanded by the current traveler, is key in the Hyatt Centric experience.

This is leading to the emergence of new tourism packages that strike a balance between personalization, independence and knowledge-based support. Authenticity, know local, access to Instagram
Social networks, digital innovation and the desire for greater and better experiences have helped unleash the increase in experiential travel, and these enthusiastic users of social networks often want to stay connected while seeking authentic experiences. This is further seen in the case of highly connected travel bloggers, remote workers, or digital nomads who simply need WiFi.

Tourism entrepreneurs must listen more to their customers, create and adjust their offers and respond to the overwhelming demand.

Destinations must also be alert to some key aspects:
-Provide inspiring experiences that teach travelers something about themselves.
-To focus your marketing on authenticity and inspiration, especially using visual content.
-Customize the experiences they offer and make room for spontaneity.
-Offer tours that offer contact with local communities.

These organizations must understand where their audience is and get there, even if this means taking their efforts away from their own website. It is also more important than ever to be aware of consumer data.
Through the monitoring of Social Media, the analysis of websites, location data, blog comments, search metrics, traveler opinions, etc., the tourism brand that thrives in tomorrow's tourism economy is the most conscious and aligned with the purchase behaviors and travel values ​​of their clients.


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