MSC Cruises expands the family offer with new creative workshops

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MSC Cruises expands the family offer with new creative workshops
Thu July 19, 2018

The cruise line joins the vlogger and influencer Luciano Spinelli to advise families on how to capture the best photos and videos of their vacations to share


MSC Cruises, the world's largest privately owned cruise line, based in Switzerland and leader in Europe and South America, presents new content throughout its fleet in which families are taught how to make the best videos and photos of your vacations, with the help of vlogger Luciano Spinelli.

Post on social networks has become a natural activity for many guests as a way to share their experiences with friends, family and with MSC Cruises, which receives more than 4,000 tags per week on Instagram. In a series of fun and informative videos, Luciano will provide clues and tips on how to create amazing photos on Instagram, videos scripted by experts and filmed for YouTube, as well as presentations for, the latest novelty, dedicated to children and teenagers from MSC Cruises clubs and their families. Then, guests will embark on an interactive and fun team game to test their creativity, produce their own content and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes from MSC Cruises.

Matteo Mancini, MSC Cruises Youth Activities Manager, said: "As a family business, we enjoy the challenge of constantly creating new and innovative activities to keep both children and parents entertained on board our ships. for them to take perfect photos and videos of their vacations and we hope that our master class of contents will inspire them ".

In addition to the classes, MSC Cruises also announced that Kelly & Kloe, the company's successful children's web series, will return this year with five new episodes. The third season of the successful program, with more than 4 million visits of children on board and online, will feature an episode starring Luciano Spinelli, and each chapter is based on scripts created by children on board as part of the Kelly & Kloe experience , designed to encourage creativity and expression among the youngest guests of MSC Cruises.

Creativity does not stop and continues with Halloween. In addition to an extensive program of family and children's entertainment, it includes questionnaires, macabre makeup sessions and Halloween-style talent shows. Also, children will be challenged to write a special episode of Kelly & Kloe Halloween and the winner will have a participation in a chapter next year.

MSC Cruises' enhanced entertainment program for children and families includes:

· The LEGO experience on board: one full day on each cruise itinerary dedicated to fun LEGO® activities that culminates with the awarding of diplomas to all children such as Jr. LEGO® Master Builder.

· DOREBRO: a sports program dedicated to children of all ages.

· DOREMI: an interactive cooking class designed by chef Carlo Cracco, winner of a Michelin star.

· A range of services for babies and children: including the Mini-Club for children under 3 years of age, as well as an exclusive nursery service. Many of these services are offered in collaboration with Chicco®, the leading global brand in the baby market - another exclusive MSC Cruises association.

· Onboard facilities full of fun: including water parks and swimming pools, bowlings, F1 simulators and XD cinemas.

· Family Explorer Club: customized excursions program on land to meet the needs of the whole family.

· Kelly & Kloe: a web series dedicated to children and a program of activities on board.


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