Dominican Republic receives more than 630 thousand cruise passengers until July

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Dominican Republic receives more than 630 thousand cruise passengers until July
Fri August 03, 2018

The Caribbean country continues to grow in terms of the number of visitors by sea. Puerto Plata continues to lead the tourists' preference


Dominican Republic, has received between January and July 2018, a total of 78 cruise ships transporting 297,689 visitors, of which 270,893 were passengers and 89,075 were crew personnel, leading in this way the reception of cruise passengers in these seven months

While the Port of La Romana has received a total of 257,520 visitors, until the seventh month of 2018. Of this total, 193,241 are cruise passengers and 65,065 are crew personnel, who have docked in this port through 96 cruises , according to information obtained by Infotur Dominicano based on data from the Cruise Directorate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), contained in the manifests of tourist vessels, documents provided by the concessionaires of the administration of tourist terminals : Bay Cruise Services, Sansouci Port., La Romana Port. Amber Cove Port.

In total, the country received 849,226 visitors in these seven months in 336 cruises, of this total, 83,744 arrived at Dominican ports in July, while 81,740 correspond to the month of June, 55,450 arrived in May, 84,573 in April; 188,320 visitors arrived in March; 153,139 visitors correspond to February and 202,260 visitors in January.

Of this total of visitors in the seven months, 632,137 were passengers (cruise passengers) and 217,089 were crewmembers.

The port of SanSouci in the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, received a total of 13 berths in June, mobilizing 8,834 passengers, of which 6,288 were passengers and 2,906 crew personnel.


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