The new Amadeus NDC solution continues to grow

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The new Amadeus NDC solution continues to grow
Wed August 08, 2018

American Express Global Business Travel joins the NDC-X program of the technology firm

Amadeus announces today that American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) will join its NDC-X program to help develop the new Amadeus NDC solution.

This Amadeus international partner for business travel management will use Amadeus' NDC solution to test the new NDC workflow (search, order, pay) and become familiar with it. This will help GBT prepare for the implementation of the industrial version of the solution in 2019, which will include service functionalities.

The agreement implies that American Express GBT will have access to NDC content, in addition to the full range of products already available in the global distribution system.

"The fact of working with Amadeus allows us to have access to a wide range of travel products. With NDC, we can offer even more content to our customers. This will be available through all the points of sale, whether they are digital self-service tools or travel agents, "said Michael Qualantone, Executive Vice President of Global Supplier Relations at American Express Global Business Travel. "No matter how the industry evolves, reducing costs and quality of service are always among our top priorities and working on the NDC-X program with Amadeus, our traditional distribution partner, allows us to achieve this."

"Collaboration is vital to make the NDC standard work for the whole sector and benefit all its stakeholders, including travelers," says Gianni Pisanello, Vice President of the Amadeus NDC-X program. "The fact that an innovative and customer-oriented partner such as American Express GBT has joined our NDC-X program and works with our NDC solution is a milestone in the preparations for its adoption worldwide. next year".

The Amadeus NDC-X program brings together all the company's NDC initiatives (as a technology provider and aggregator) and Amadeus is working with different airlines and travel distributors to promote the adoption of this standard throughout the sector.


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