Amadeus accelerates its expansion in the hotel sector

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Amadeus accelerates its expansion in the hotel sector
Tue August 14, 2018

The Spanish firm closed a deal to acquire TravelClick for 1,520 million dollars


Amadeus has signed an agreement for the acquisition of TravelClick to Thoma Bravo, a leading venture capital firm, for 1,520 million US dollars.
TravelClick, based in New York, is a provider for the world's leading hotel sector serving more than 25,000 customers in 176 countries. It provides innovative cloud-based solutions including central reservation system (CRS) and guest management solutions (GMS) for independent and medium-sized hotels, as well as business intelligence and media solutions. This portfolio gives hotels the capacity to distribute on all channels, both digital and traditional. In addition, it allows them to improve digital interaction with customers, increase revenue, reduce costs and create a strong brand.
The incorporation of TravelClick's solutions to the Amadeus portfolio will create a hotel leader capable of supplying a wide range of state-of-the-art technological solutions to hotels and chains of all sizes around the world.
"TravelClick has a formidable team, a robust technology and a broad customer base, and we are looking forward to integrate into Amadeus a business that has been so successful," said Luis Maroto, CEO of Amadeus. "Our goal is to provide the hotel sector with the tools it needs to grow its businesses and provide a great experience for its guests, combining the two portfolios that will allow us to fulfill this premise in hotels of all sizes and characteristics throughout the world. world".
"This agreement marks a new leap in the success of TravelClick in providing innovative solutions for hoteliers," said Larry Kutscher, CEO of TravelClick. "I could not be more proud of our team or more excited about the impact that the combination of our two companies will have on the hotel sector, as we begin to offer the next generation of innovative solutions to the hospitality industry."
"For Amadeus, it is a giant step in the hotel sector," said Francisco Perez-Lozao, Senior Vice President, Amadeus Strategic Growth Businesses. "While we have already made great strides in the larger chain segment, TravelClick gives us access to the market for independent hotels and medium-sized companies that represent almost 75% of the sector, now we can provide service to the entire industry. with a wide range of solutions and we hope to increase our growth considerably in the coming years ".
"TravelClick is an excellent example of Thoma Bravo's validated investment approach, whereby we acquired a leading vertical market software company in its sector and work with a highly talented management team to implement the best operational practices and growth momentum. both organic and through mergers and acquisitions, "said Holden Spaht, one of the managing partners of Thoma Bravo. "We value the exemplary management of Larry Kutscher and the TravelClick management team and are convinced that the company is well positioned to continue providing innovative software, data analytics capabilities and marketing services that maximize revenue for hotels around the world. "
As part of the acquisition agreement, approximately 1,100 TravelClick employees will become part of Amadeus.
Amadeus and Thoma Bravo expect to close the acquisition in the fourth quarter of 2018, after obtaining the pertinent regulatory approvals. The operation will be financed by debt and will have an immediate positive effect on the benefits.



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