Delta reaches 600 aircraft with screens on the seats, a leading figure in the industry

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Delta reaches 600 aircraft with screens on the seats, a leading figure in the industry
Tue August 21, 2018

The airline provides convenient access to free board training with Delta Studio


Delta has installed the screens on the seat backs of the 600th aircraft, completing early in its commitment to the end of the year and providing a comfortable access to free onboard training with Delta Studio to more customers than ever.

"We continue to invest in screens in the back seats, because customers continue to tell us that this is important," said Tim Mapes, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "With the screens on the seat backs, customers do not have to choose between using their phones or watching a movie. Whether they want to work, relax, or a little of both, we want to give customers the opportunity to choose and make the most of their time on board. "

Delta offers customers more aircraft with entertainment in seatbacks than any other airline in the world.

Delta Studio is free for all customers in any of the booths, and constantly provides the best on-board content, from its lineup of nominees to best movies during the awards season, to having almost all the highest-grossing films shortly after leaving the cinemas.

This month, Delta Studio in partnership with NEON will bring the long-awaited documentary "Three Identical Strangers" to customers at 30,000 feet - parallel to the time the documentary is coming to the big screen on the ground.

This offer is the first of its kind for Delta Studio and speaks of the airline's continued efforts to bring innovative offers to customers. The on-board entertainment system currently offers:

More than 300 movies, including around 80 foreign films.
550 episodes of TV Shows
12 live satellite TV channels on some flights
More than 2,500 songs
A selection of podcasts and games like trivia on board

In addition to the investment in screens for the seat backs, customers can see the transmission of Delta Studio on their personal devices throughout the main fleet and most of their regional aircraft.

Delta Studio is part of the airline's ongoing commitment to provide customers with a series of products that connect life from air to life on earth, from free messaging to the expansion of high-speed Wi-Fi and more.


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