Wetu Travel Technology grows in Latin America

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Wetu Travel Technology grows in Latin America
Wed August 22, 2018

The firm offers a collaboration platform with business partners and digital tools to increase productivity and help the business grow


Technology has found a new muse: the traveler. It is a continuing challenge for tourism professionals to keep up with the demands of modern technology savvy travelers: they expect a convenient shopping experience as much as they want a memorable travel experience. Wetu understands that very well. It is a travel technology company that interrupts and revolutionizes the way tourism trade works.

Francisco Escuder, Business Development Manager of Wetu: "Our technology is very simple to implement, we offer a guaranteed digital content management and distribution system to save time for the travel agent, we help present excellence and sell more trips".

"If you operate or sell tours, manage and market destinations, or if you offer accommodations, day trips, activities or restaurants, Wetu offers a platform of collaboration with business partners and digital tools to increase your productivity and help your business grow Operators who still produce itineraries in the old Word / PDF formats should know this: Wetu users generate digital itineraries 3 times faster and their interactive format rich in images is much more attractive and effective in the sale. they still spend too much time and money printing and distributing leaflets on paper should know this: Wetu users make the content of their products easy to find and use for the more than 230,000 professional visitors who access our content portal every month. " .

"We have consolidated our presence in Africa and India, expanded our market to Oceania and Southeast Asia, and now Wetu has arrived in Latin America." To celebrate our Latin American debut, last year we opened an office in Buenos Aires (Argentina), "he concluded. Francisco Escuder.


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