Best Day Travel Group presents the Best Day University

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Best Day Travel Group presents the Best Day University
Mon August 27, 2018

The Training and Human Development Center is an initiative created for the benefit of employees, in which professional growth is stimulated through training and access to information

Best Day Travel Group, a leading tourism corporation in Mexico and one of the leading companies in Latin America, presented the Training and Human Development Center, headquarters of the Best Day University, which is aimed at training and developing the talent of its employees, working from the focus of positive psychology.
The Training and Human Development Center of Best Day Travel Group is located in the company's facilities, on Avenida Bonampak and has 3 rooms with a total capacity of 177 places, a library, a work room, a reading area and a "catering" area, distributed in a total area of ​​327 m².
"For Best Day Travel Group is proud to present the Best Day University, whose programs are focused on the development of new projects, aligned to the business strategy, as well as to develop the competencies and leadership of our collaborators, through the training and access to information. The activities of the University began in 2018 and, to date, more than 10,000 man-hours of training have been given to 420 participants, "said Christian Kremers, CEO of Best Day Travel Group.
The Best Day University offers the following programs:

Organizational Competences: Its purpose is the development and improvement of the basic competencies associated with the Best Day Travel Group philosophy

Managerial Competencies: It is a program aimed at managers, supervisors and coordinators, focused on developing skills and strengthening their analytical skills

Diploma in Leaders that Inspire: Developed in conjunction with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, enhances the performance of executives in their role as leaders

ICAMI: This training program contributes to improving the skills of mid-level executives, from a comprehensive approach

"Team Building" Workshop (ABACO): It is a program that identifies the key characteristics that a high-performance team must have and develops skills to lead talent

"We are pleased with the presentation and operation of the Best Day Human Development and Training Center, which houses the Best Day University, since this is a space that has a double objective: to train our collaborators, with a comprehensive approach, as future leaders who inspire, based on the transcendence of being and, as a second objective, to be a meeting point between professionals and colleagues of Human Capital, to work and share experiences, new trends and programs taught by specialists, commented Adriana Botta , VP of Human Capital of Best Day Travel Group.


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