2017: new record year according to the panoramic view on tourism

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2017: new record year according to the panoramic view on tourism
Thu August 30, 2018

According to the report "Panorama of International Tourism" of the UNWTO, the arrivals of international tourists increased by 7% last year, the highest growth registered since 2010

According to the latest data collection of "OMT Panorama of international tourism" of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international tourist arrivals increased by 7% in 2017, the highest growth since 2010. The increase in arrivals is reflected in a strong increase in exports generated by tourism, which amounted to 1.6 trillion US dollars. in 2017, making tourism the third most important export sector in the world.

The 2018 edition of "OMT Panorama of International Tourism" shows that international tourist arrivals totaled 1,323 million in 2017, some 84 million more than in the previous year, setting a new record. The sector has now experienced uninterrupted growth in terms of arrivals for eight consecutive years. The growth registered in 2017 was the highest since 2010, led by the regions of Europe and Africa, where arrivals increased by 8% and 9%, respectively.

In 2017, revenues from international tourism increased by 5%. In addition to the revenues of 1.3 trillion US dollars. obtained by destinations, international revenues generated another 240 billion US dollars. from international passenger transport used by non-residents. This resulted in total exports generated by tourism amounting to US $ 1.6 trillion, or US $ 4 billion. per day, which corresponds to 7% of world exports.

These excellent results in 2017 were driven by the sustained demand for travel to destinations in all regions of the world, including the strong recovery experienced by those who have faced security challenges in recent years. The strong outgoing demand from virtually all issuing markets, including the recovery of Brazil and the Russian Federation, considered important emerging economies, benefited both advanced and emerging destinations.

The new report also illustrates that China continues to lead world tourism, registering an expenditure of 258,000 million US dollars. in international tourism in 2017. This represents almost a fifth of total world tourism expenditures in 2017, estimated at 1.3 trillion US dollars, about 94 billion US dollars. more than in 2016.

Among the main markets and destinations worldwide, in 2017 Spain became the second most visited destination in the world, after France. Japan ranked among the top ten countries in the world in terms of tourism revenue, ranking tenth after registering double-digit growth for six consecutive years. The Russian Federation was once again among the top ten countries in the world in terms of expenditures, ranking eighth.

The data available for the beginning of 2018 have confirmed the continued strong growth of international tourism, as arrivals experienced a year-on-year growth of 6% between January and April.


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