Music festivals, a new engine for tourism

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Music festivals, a new engine for tourism
Tue September 11, 2018

New generations of tourists have begun to focus on traveling to international destinations to enjoy their favorite artists

It is already a fact, the format of large musical festivals is here to stay, as they obviously attract more visitors each year and therefore generate a collection of millions of dollars in accommodation, leisure and gastronomy. These events create a cultural identity, generate a social impact, make visible issues that are more hidden and contribute to socialization around the same concept.

Their success is not a mere coincidence, it is a sector that is becoming professionalized and they are even more responsible and sustainable.

The traveler nowadays begins to realize the importance of this type of tourism and its different artistic and cultural manifestations, which allows to know new destinations and at the same time, that artists have greater opportunities to be known through musical tourism . The musical tourism can not only say that it seeks to establish a new method of culture in which it is inserted, but also a new tourist attraction to visit.

The Musical Tourism and the other manifestations of tourism manage to harmoniously unite two fundamental places: traveling and a hobby, causing a special magic within the reach of many people. If we look around us, we can realize that the relationship between music and tourism has been and continues to be considered by many travelers around the world as genuine tourist experiences of great cultural value.

Undoubtedly, this micro segment of tourism is increasing more and more due to the number of people with the capacity to travel globally and at the same time with the refinement of the tastes and likings of people, which leads, according to experts, that the future of the tourism industry, is in these micro segments; Wine Tourism, Musical Tourism, etc., creating new business opportunities.

The majority of those who are adept at these events prefer to plan their trip early: on average, half of the festival attendees book their trip more than three months in advance. However, this trend varies depending on the countries. Attendees are younger than ever: 67% of festival attendees are between 21 and 30, and of that 67%, 37%, between 21 and 25 years.

The best festivals in the Americas

Rock in Rio (Brazil)
The first was held in 1985 at the "Cidade do Rock" located in Jacarepaguá, west of Rio de Janeiro. In its history it has had versions in Lisbon, Madrid and Las Vegas and has to its credit the participation of the most recognized artists of music worldwide.

Vive Latino (Mexico)
The Vive Latino Latin American Festival of Musical Culture is held annually since 1998 at Foro Sol in Mexico City. Throughout its editions, there have been both consolidated groups in the mass taste, and emerging bands with less commercial diffusion. Although the offer of the festival focuses on the presentation of Ibero-American musicians.

Lollapalooza (Chile, Brazil and Argentina)
Conceived in 1991 by Perry Farrell, singer of Jane's Addiction, Lollapalooza was held annually until 1997 and was revived in 2003. The first official appearance of Lollapalooza in Latin America was in 2011 in Santiago, Chile, the first country to receive this world event, adding a Brazilian version since 2012. There is an annual Argentine version in Buenos Aires since 2014

Cosquin Rock (Argentina)
The Cosquín Rock is a rock music festival that takes place annually, since 2001, in the province of Córdoba (Argentina), with an average duration of 3 days. It is currently carried out at the aerodrome of Santa María de Punilla, a small town 50 km away to the northwest of the city of Córdoba, on the RN 38, and just 3 km south of the city of Cosquín. This festival is attended by Argentine artists and music groups, as well as musicians from other countries (especially Spanish speakers) such as Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, the United States and many more.

Festival Stereo Picnic (Colombia)
It is an alternative musical festival and cultural entertainment that takes place every year in the city of Bogotá. Created in 2010 by an independent group of event promoters, it has been carried out with national and international artists who offer Rock, Electronic, Pop and New Folcklore music among many others.
Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar (Chile)
The Viña Festival is a musical contest organized by the municipality of Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Region. It takes place every year during the last week of February at the Amphitheater of Quinta Vergara since 1960. It is considered the largest, most important and recognized festival in the American continent. The event takes place in a scenario that has a capacity for 15,000 spectators and is broadcast live on radio and television, achieves records of tuning and moves millions of dollars in concept of auspices, television advertising and tourism programs associated. Although the competitions of popular and folk music were the origin of the contest, for years they have been relegated to a second plane and preference has been given to the invited artists, who are the real highlight of the contest.

Ultra Music Festival (intinerante)
The internationally renowned festival has taken place every March since its inception and celebrated its twentieth anniversary on March 23-25, 2018 by bringing more than 165,000 music enthusiasts to the event in the heart of the City of Miami. Return to Bayfront Park for its 21st annual edition from March 29 to 31, 2019. In addition, event organizers continue to bring the unique experience of Miami's iconic festival to an increasing number of destinations and Ultranauts around the world. Latin America has versions in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Puerto Rico.


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