Uruguay works to offer the best options for the summer season

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Uruguay works to offer the best options for the summer season
Liliam Kechichian, Uruguay
Fri October 05, 2018

The destination has presented its offer of destinations and tax benefits for non-resident tourists that will be valid until the end of April 2019

In the framework of the International Tourism Fair (FIT), Uruguay launched the summer season 2018-2019, in La Rural, Buenos Aires Trade Fair, attended by Uruguayan authorities, diplomats, figures of artistic, cultural, sports and business of both countries.

The Minister of Tourism, Liliam Kechichian, said that launching in Argentina is the best way to convey to its main visitor the message of the tourist offer that Uruguay offers all year. "The public and private sector of Uruguay are working to offer the best options for the next holidays," he said.
"It's a very special launch, we are aware of the economic reality that Argentina is going through. Today, more than ever, we wanted to be here, because as brother peoples we are, we must be more united than ever. "

He stressed that the government of Uruguay resolved to retake the tax benefits for all foreign tourists, which will be valid until April 30, 2019, and that, in addition, departmental governments and tour operators analyze various benefits for the next summer season.

Kechichian pointed out that the work is focused on the visitor, in offering better services, with appropriate infrastructure and an increasingly professional attention.
"Although in the general ideology, Uruguay represents sun and beaches, the country is much more than its beautiful coasts. And that the Argentines know well, because they visit us throughout the year. We have beautiful destinations, such as the Corredor de los Pájaros Pintados, Colonia, Montevideo, the thermal baths of the coast, and many other destinations that would be impossible to detail, "he said.
He said that he works with the conviction that "Uruguay is the ideal destination to achieve that desired break, that disconnection so necessary after a year of hard work. Uruguay is waiting for you to enjoy its beauties and the hospitality you deserve. You will all be welcome to Uruguay, which is your home, "he said.

The launch was attended by well-known public figures such as Osvaldo Laport, Nicolás Furtado and Santiago Urrutia, Uruguayans who have triumphed over their talent at home and abroad. The master of ceremony was the famous humorist Sebastián Almada, who interviewed the present intendants, and departmental tourist authorities.

The whole event was a sample of the Uruguayan culture, the guests could enjoy the flavor of the chivito, the Uruguayan oils and wines, and even the emblematic "Ricardito". After the speech of the Tourism Minister, the colors reached all sound with the chords of "Agarrate Catalina", the murga led by the brothers Cardozo, Tabaré and Yamandú.

The event was held with the collaboration of the Embassy of Uruguay in Buenos Aires, with Ambassador Hector Lescano initiating the speech of the activity, "Tourism is an integrating activity, Uruguay and Argentina is a clear example of this," he said.

Benefits for non-resident tourists
Return of all VAT on tourist services provided to individuals, from October 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019, provided they are paid by electronic money, debit and / or credit cards, issued abroad. The issuing company of the card must include in the statement of account, the discount that appears on the ticket issued by the POS.
The services included are:
1) Gastronomic services, when they are provided by restaurants, bars, canteens, coffee shops, tea rooms and the like, or by hotels, motels, apart hotels, inns, tourist stays, country hotels, tourist farms, country inns, country houses and camping hostels, provided that said benefits do not integrate the concept of lodging.
2) Catering services for the realization of parties and events.
3) Services for parties and events, not included in the previous section.
4) Leases of vehicles without driver.
5) Mediation services in the lease of real estate with tourist destination.
Other benefits, for NON-RESIDENT tourists
1) Mediation services in the lease of real estate with tourist destination
Return of 10.5% of the rental price of real estate for tourism purposes to tenants who are nonresident natural persons, provided that the lease is made in registered real estate and the means of payment used, whether debit or credit card issued abroad . The issuing company of the card must include in the statement of account, the discount that appears on the ticket issued by the POS. The validity of said benefits is until April 30, 2019.
2) Tax Free Regime, for purchases of products included in the scheme, made in stores attached to the system, complying with the corresponding procedure at the time of purchase and while the country's exit occurs through any of the following steps of border: Carrasco International Airport, Laguna del Sauce Airport, Montevideo Port, Colonia Port, Punta del Este Cruise Arrivals Terminal, Salto-Concordia Bridge, Paysandú-Colón Bridge, Fray Bentos-Puerto Unzué Bridge and Chuy . At the moment of leaving the country, the corresponding procedure for the reimbursement must be completed in the duly identified positions.
3) Zero VAT in Hotels. Benefit valid for foreigners presenting identity document issued abroad. When exonerated, this consumption is invoiced without VAT, therefore the tax is not charged, not generating a refund.
In addition, 24% of the IMESI will be reduced for naphthas in service stations located a maximum of 20 kilometers from the border crossings.


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