SOTIC 2018 closed yesterday an unforgettable edition

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SOTIC 2018 closed yesterday an unforgettable edition
Sat October 06, 2018

The event organized by the CTO concluded yesterday in the Bahamas with a day full of conferences and important announcements


The day began with a press conference where authorities of Hugh Riley, Secretary General of CTO, Hon. Dominic Fedee, Chaiman of CTO, Dionisio D'Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Aviation of the Bahamas and Frank Comito, General Director of CHTA, participated. .

The first to take the floor has been Hugh Riley. The executive mentioned: "I am excited about the prospects of the CTO and the fundamental role it can play in the unification of the Caribbean, not only as a tourist destination, but as a people destined for greatness".
"I am convinced that a well-supported and well-funded CTO can take its place alongside other venerable institutions to elevate the people of the Caribbean to incredible heights that are achievable but not yet reached."
"The organization's leadership in tourism and its contribution to the development of our human resources will help boost solid economies and build reliable, competent and productive work forces, and Caribbean populations that are ready to face a constantly changing global environment."
"The leadership of the CTO was fully demonstrated this week through the experts we gathered to share ideas on how we can better build a sustainable and sustainable tourism sector that benefits every individual, every community, every country in this region."
"We dared to challenge the region to build better, not only the infrastructure, but the entire industry, we explored the applicable recommendations for the use of technology, not only to improve the experience of visitors, but also our luck as people We boldly approach controversial issues such as the commodification of our cultures without exploiting them and embracing the Caribbean as a region of roots. "
"We take these issues to the forefront not because they are popular, but because we are convinced that they must be tackled successfully sooner rather than later, if we want to build a true tourism industry in the Caribbean for the future."
"And there is no better way to shape the future than to involve our young people." There is not a single person among those who attended yesterday's youth congress, or among the approximately three thousand people who saw him live on the Facebook page of the CTO, they will not agree with me when I tell them that we have some of the most outstanding creative, imaginative and intelligent young people anywhere. "
"They will be the ones who will have the challenge of continuing to build the tourism industry on the basis that today's leaders and yesterday's pioneers have established, based on the strength of their actions yesterday, I am sure that the future of tourism is sparkly".
"In this context, allow me to congratulate the winner of the youth congress, Bryanna Hylton of Jamaica, as well as Kiara Meyers and Caroline Pain of Martinique, of St. Maarten, who were among the top three."
"I know you would also like an update to our campaign The Rhythm Never Stops, I am pleased to report that the campaign will be launched next Monday, thanks to the public and private sector stakeholders that contributed to this important first phase."
"On the tourism performance of the region, it has been a story of two situations: On the one hand, we have a solid growth in countries that were not affected by last year's hurricanes."
"On the other hand, we have seen dramatic declines in arrivals to those affected by the storms, although the performance of these countries is constantly improving."
"Of the 22 destinations that reported, 13 of them recorded increases in tourist arrivals during the first half of the year, ranging from 1.7% to 18.3, while seven recorded decreases from a minimum of 0 , 3% and 71% ".
"The destinations with the best performance during this period were Guyana with 18.3 percent, Belize with 17.1 percent, Cayman Islands with 15.9 percent, and Grenada with 10.7 percent and Bahamas with 10.2 percent."
"These individual results corroborate the regional message of the opening of destinations for business and confidence in destinations to provide quality experiences".

"These individual results corroborate the regional message of the opening of destinations for business and confidence in destinations to provide quality experiences."
"The yields of the key source markets varied considerably, with some destinations registering strong growth, while others registered declines."
"In the US market, for example, while Jamaica recorded a growth of 8.4 percent, the Dominican Republic grew by 6.3 percent and another 11 destinations achieved growth, six of which were by double digits, the The Caribbean received seven million visits from the US during the first half of the year. "
"This was a decrease of 15.8 percent compared to the corresponding period last year, due mainly to a drop of 54.6 percent in arrivals to Puerto Rico and a decrease in arrivals to Cuba."

The day continued with the conference "Developing the luxury wellness product" where they participated:
• Tricia Greenaway, President, Antigua & Barbuda Spa Association and Spa
Manager, Galley Bay Resort
• Samantha Hammond, Founder, 'Jus Adventures' Travel Agency

Next, the session "Embracing the caribbean - the region of roots" was held, where they participated:
• Zoila Ellis Browne, Technical Program Consultant, Garifuna
Heritage Foundation
• Aimei Aowmati, President and Executive Director, Guyana Association of
Alternative Medicine Institute
• Erol Josué, Director General, National Bureau of Ethnology, Haiti
• Diane Warmsley, Geneologist, Roots Run Deep

The event culminated with the session called "Stakeholders speak out" where they were present:
• Anna Bancroft, General Manager, Tru Bahamian Food Tours
• Joy Jibrilu, General Director, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
• Janet Silvera, Journalist, The Gleaner
• Russell Miller, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cove and Reef,
• Jacqueline Johnson, President, Global Bridal Group


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