Everything ready in Morelia for the 5th National Fair of Magic Towns

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Everything ready in Morelia for the 5th National Fair of Magic Towns
Wed October 10, 2018

The Secretary of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid stressed that recent editions have positioned the program as an international tourist attraction

With a range of tourist, gastronomic and sustainability events in favor of the environment, the "5th National Fair of Magical Towns Morelia 2018" will begin next Thursday, October 11, which for the first time will be held in a space open to the general public as It is the Historical Center of Morelia, Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
The event that will be held from October 11 to 14 at the Morelia Fairground will be inaugurated by the Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) of the Government of the Republic, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, and by the Governor of the State of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo accompanied by state and municipal officials, tourism service providers and exhibitors of the 111 Magic Towns, which will be the highlight of this great event.
In this regard, Enrique de la Madrid stressed the importance that in recent editions of the National Fair, have managed to position the program and the Magic Towns as a tourist attraction and the benefits that the communities of these destinations obtain in terms of economic benefits. Mexico.
The head of the Sectur, said that along with Governor Silvano Aureoles, has worked intensely in recent months to ensure that the 5th edition of the National Fair of Magic Towns is a spectacular display of the attractions that these destinations in Michoacan have to offer to national and international tourists.
De la Madrid Cordero, said that the current administration, has made a great effort to promote the brand "Mexico" and especially the brand "Magic Towns", "behind Magical Towns, is the concept of special, unique peoples, with experiences authentic, with history, with gastronomy and that is what is meant by the brand, which now, according to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), is a famous brand ".
Silvano Aureoles, governor of Michoacán, explained that the Fair of Magic Towns will give the opportunity to show the country and the world, the cultural richness of history and traditions, as well as everything that accompanies these cultural expressions such as gastronomy, architecture and other elements.
"In the case of Michoacán, something that makes us very proud is that we are from the states with the greatest variety of culinary products. Michoacan traditional cuisine is Intangible Heritage of Humanity, it is a great opportunity to show what you have and so that our brothers from other states of the Republic can be present and that business consolidation is allowed, because it is a question of having income opportunities and strengthen development, "said Aureoles Conejo
The state leader recalled that Michoacán has 8 magical towns: Pátzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan, Santa Clara del Cobre, Tacámbaro, Tlalpujahua, Angangueo, Cuitzeo and Jiquilpan, which will present their attractions along with the rest of the Magical Towns that exist at national level and that will be located in the Morelia Fairground that has 11 thousand square meters roofed.
Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of Tourism Innovation and Development of the Sectur, Gerardo Corona González, pointed out that the "5th National Fair of Magical Towns", pointed out, that this has already been consolidated as a tradition, for which it is expected to obtain historical figures of influx and economic outflow for the entire entity.
Corona González said that the fairground has 20 thousand square meters, there will be free admission to the general public; Ecuador will be the country invited to this edition, its authorities have shown interest in the model of Magical Towns and therefore have signed collaboration agreements for technology transfer on this subject.

The undersecretary informed that the exhibition areas will have space for the 111 localities that are part of the program, approved and divided by commercial regions, a strategy that will allow the sale of the destinations by the logistics and development routes of each of the states.
He indicated that through the national movement "Let's all travel through Mexico" at the fair there will be a presence with 24 national operators and each of the 111 Magical Towns will be able to promote tourist packages that will be acquired at the "Viajemos todos por México" stand.


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