Best Day Travel Group joins the "Pink October" world campaign

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Best Day Travel Group joins the "Pink October" world campaign
Fri October 12, 2018

The firm seeks to promote awareness of the prevention of breast cancer


Best Day Travel Group, the leading tourism corporate in Mexico and one of the leading companies in Latin America, joins the campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to disseminate, among its more than 1,800 employees, methods to prevent and facing breast cancer, which, according to data from this global institution, is one of the leading causes of death among women from the age of 20.
 As part of this campaign, the Human Capital area of ​​Best Day Travel Group will carry out, throughout the month of October, an extensive program of activities to raise awareness among its collaborators and family members about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, within of which stand out:

- Free maths for collaborators over 40 years old
-Discounts in breast ultrasounds for collaborators and direct family members, in specialized clinics and laboratories
-Virtual Conferences Special lighting and elements that allude to this awareness campaign in the corporate buildings of Best Day Travel Group in Cancun and Riviera Maya and its offices in South America
-Distribution of bracelets with the phrase: "For me, for you, for everyone"

Aligned to this corporate campaign, on September 16, the team of Best Day Travel Group Colombia participated in the "Route for Life", an educational cycle organized by the Colombian League Against Cancer: "Along 6 kilometers, several Volunteer collaborators pedaled for all women with breast cancer and, along with them, celebrated life, putting into practice healthy lifestyle habits. During this route the participants of Best Day Colombia participants were taught to do the self-examination and they were told about the importance of adequate nutrition to prevent cancer "commented Adriana Botta, Corporate Vice President of Human Capital of Best Day Travel Group.
For its part, the Best Day team in Brazil joins this campaign with the delivery of a thematic conference, which aims to inform and raise awareness about breast cancer to the resident collaborators in this country, thus promoting the promotion of health and the prevention of this disease.
In order to give a greater impact to the campaign, on October 19, the Official World Day of the Fight against Breast Cancer, all the collaborators of Best Day Travel Group will be invited to wear pink, with what is intended to integrate the internal and external community of the company, through the visual image and with the noble purpose of sensitizing everyone about the importance of taking actions to prevent and deal with breast cancer.


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