Amadeus discusses industry innovation at the Select Presidents' Summit 2018

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Amadeus discusses industry innovation at the Select Presidents' Summit 2018
Wed October 17, 2018

The event featured presidents and CEOs of large travel agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean and guests

Amadeus, the world leader in technology solutions for the travel industry, held the 15th edition of the Select Presidents' Summit in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on October 9, 10 and 11, an event that brings together CEOs and directors of large travel agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as company executives and external speakers.

"Select Presidents' Summit is a space to generate debates at the highest level where we consider, on the one hand, innovation and, on the other, the actors of the sector to analyze how to maximize and transform the benefits offered by technology, guaranteeing rewarding experiences for travelers" , said Flavio Mesquita, SVP, Retail Travel Agencies Americas, Travel Channels, Amadeus.

In this year's version, the debate focused on the challenge of connecting consumers and companies in the sector through technological innovation. Among the contents presented at the event, the new Live Travel Space collaboration space was highlighted, where Amadeus hopes to build an open, dynamic and connected area so that all players in the industry can come together to make memorable trips.

The event began with a welcome cocktail, followed by a two-day business program. The first day discussed issues such as the evolution of Amadeus, and discussed new technologies and platforms that will allow greater transparency in the processes, offer greater options and better travel experiences for travelers. Attendees had not only the opportunity to learn about the new dynamics of the company, but also witnessed practical presentations based on success stories. The second day was marked by innovation both at the Amadeus level, and externally, with a select group of startups with which individual sessions were held, and panels where ideas about the future of travel were exchanged and discussed. and new technologies that will allow travel agencies to diversify the services they offer to their travelers.

Innovation and collaboration were central themes throughout the event. Especially with the launch of Live Travel Space, the new purpose of Amadeus that has 5,600 professionals from different backgrounds with a presence in more than 190 countries and an average investment of 16% of the company's annual revenues, which will be converted in the heart of Amadeus and the travel industry.

The main objective of the Summit was to change the way people travel through tourist suppliers from all regions, considering a 360 ° approach to the travel industry.

"In Riga, we have had the opportunity to present this new initiative, which will be a space for our clients to grow with solutions adapted to their way of doing business and serve travelers. We believe that we are in a unique position to lead this change and build this space thanks to our people and our technology. "added Ilia Kostov, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts and Americas Business Travel Agencies.


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