Travelport signs alliance with Interjet

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Travelport signs alliance with Interjet
Thu October 18, 2018

The travel trade platform announced the signing of the alliance with one of the leading airlines in Mexico to offer its content on the platform


With this signature, Interjet will offer its destinations and rates to more than 68,000 travel agencies connected to Travelport in more than 180 countries. Additionally, Interjet will also implement Travelport's Rich Content and Branding Merchandising solution to display its special rates in graphic form.

Carlos Molina, Travelport's director of Air Commerce for the north and center of Latin America commented: "Having Interjet within our platform represents a great benefit for agencies and buyers of travel since they will have more content and connectivity to make their reservations and purchases of airline tickets. With Interjet, there are more than 400 airlines on our platform that include traditional and low-cost airlines (LCC). "

Carlos Torres Acosta, Managing Director of Travelport Andean Region stressed: "Our partnership approach based on value between suppliers and buyers of travel alike, allows us to increase revenues and profitability of each segment, in addition to offering a comprehensive service for both parts. "

For his part, José Luis Garza, General Director of Interjet said "this alliance is a great step for the airline and also for the country, as it will strengthen connectivity and tourism. "With this type of action, he added, there is no doubt that more people will be able to enjoy our value model that combines a high quality travel experience at a fair price."

For his part, Julio Gamero, Commercial Executive Director of Interjet said: "We are very pleased to formalize this alliance with Travelport as it allows us to strengthen our omnichannel content strategy which assures us a wider distribution in the international market, improving the experience of our users, while consolidating our growth worldwide.


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