Inselair moves toward the future with new distribution capabilities from JR Technologies

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Inselair moves toward the future with new distribution capabilities from JR Technologies
Thu October 18, 2018

The Curacao-based airline has become one of the first to implement the next generation systems provided by Dublin-based company

Curacao-based InselAir has become one of the first airlines in the world to actively begin the process of moving into the future of the airline industry by transitioning to the next generation of airline systems provided
by Dublin-based JR Technologies. The New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) initiative from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) began in 2012 when IATA member airlines unanimously approved Resolution 787, setting forth the process of modernizing the airline industry by replacing the technical standards of core airline systems that have been in place since the 1960’s.
“What we achieve in being able to move toward the IATA NDC business models through JR Technologies’ complete NDC solution will greatly impact not only our airline, but the entire industry, by using modern technology to simplify business processes that have been required by airlines for 50 years and by being able to see our customers as customers, not simply as a passenger on an airplane,” says Lars de Brabander, President of InselAir. “Not only has technology been completely reinvented several times in the half-century since the current airline standards come into being, but today’s customer is not the same as yesterday’s customer. Our customers today expect and deserve to be treated as individuals throughout the entire
travel experience, from sale to flight, from door to door, which just is not possible with the required processes of the legacy systems.” IATA has set an industry goal of having twenty percent of all global airline sales through NDC by 2020.
George Khairallah, CEO of JR Technologies, agrees. “In 2010, when IATA and the entire airline industry moved to electronic tickets and removed all paper ticketing from the process, it was a move in the right direction. However, the industry still maintained all the business processes, and the limitations of paper, as if the paper tickets were still there. Resolution 787 was a statement by the industry in one unified voice that recognized change was needed. NDC has a positive effect on the customer.
It allows an airline to offer a completely customized travel experience. By simplifying the business processes needed to serve the customer, NDC airlines can become more efficient and automated, which significantly reduces overall costs.”
Both InselAir and JR Technologies have been deeply involved in the creation of the new airline standards though participation in IATA. “Our participation within the IATA standards creation has allowed us to use the InselAir-sponsored pilot over the past three years to verify that the industry was on the right track and to make suggestions for changes and improvement to the benefit of everyone,” says Khairallah.


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