Including a live chat improves the purchase decision rate by 211%

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Including a live chat improves the purchase decision rate by 211%
Wed October 24, 2018

This is reported in an Amadeus report on the motivation of travelers. It also influences the use of artificial intelligence, reducing the question forms and the incorporation of videos

With the digital transformation installed in the travel industry, there is a corresponding need to acquire, convert and retain travelers. According to a study provided by Amadeus, provider of technological solutions for the global travel industry, personalizing the virtual experience with live chats increases the rate of conversion from search to purchase by 211%.
Personalization at scale is becoming a reality; and at a time when differentiating price is no longer enough, that advance is leading to improved conversion. Live chat consolidates as a valuable tool for answering queries in real time, avoiding email, optimizing times and achieving quick and effective decisions.
Nowadays the competition is fierce and the competitive threats posed by the internet giants are enormous. As a result, the expectations of a customized experience from beginning to end, are becoming a "must" among travelers. With the continued emergence of new digital channels, it is crucial that travel agencies know their customers as they move between the different devices.
Another technique that inspires a faster decision and improves the conversion rate by 35% is the use of artificial intelligence, systems that suggest travel choices and offer a better digital planning experience. Likewise, companies can increase their results by up to 25% by redesigning the user interface and its price page, using colors, sizes and locations that evoke and produce different emotions.
The Amadeus study also mentions that reducing question forms increases conversions by 35% while changing the color of the button to perform the action, improves them by 21%. Also, he points out that the use of human images and the incorporation of videos are other techniques that increase purchasing decisions by around 100%.
Technological advances, changes in traveler's expectations and market dynamics indicate that 'digital conversion' is more important than ever in the travel industry. Therefore, travel companies that manage to inspire their customers with better content and services, will have the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market.


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