Best Day Travel Group receives the Top Reward 2018 of Top Companies

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Best Day Travel Group receives the Top Reward 2018 of Top Companies
Julián Balbuena, Best Day
Mon October 29, 2018

The firm receives this distinction for the quality of life practices it carries out through its "Best Life" program

Best Day Travel Group, a leading tourism corporation in Mexico and one of the leading companies in Latin America, received Top Recognition, the world's leading company in the diagnosis and strengthening of Organizational Culture, from Top Reward 2018.
On this occasion, for the annual award, 400 business practices were evaluated and Best Day Travel Group received recognition for its "Best Life" program, which encourages employees to practice healthy habits and, in this way, achieve better goals in your personal and professional development.
"For Best Day Travel Group, we are proud to receive this recognition, since the wellbeing of each collaborator is a key element to achieve success in business results. Our program has a global focus, since it covers the more than 2,800 employees that make up the company in Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil, said Julián Balbuena, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Best Day Travel Group.
The award ceremony, which took place on October 19 in the Riviera Maya, was attended by leaders of national companies that are experts in human capital and social responsibility. On behalf of Best Day Travel Group attended Celeste Masnicof, Human Development Manager.
"This award fills us with satisfaction because, as part of the CSR strategy and specifically in the field of Quality of Life for our employees, we implement programs that are reflected in our value offer, which provides benefits that enhance a culture of well-being within the organization, from a bio-psycho-social perspective ", commented Adriana Botta, VP of Human Capital of Best Day Travel Group.
Among the most outstanding actions and activities of Best Day Travel Group's Best Life program are the following:
-Beauty for Women, which consists of carrying out medical studies, without cost (pap smear), the "Pink October" program, availability of a lactation room and specialized conferences in gynecology
-Wellness for Man, which includes medical studies, without cost, for men
- Physical wellbeing, composed of physical training programs, sports tournaments, health week (diagnostics, without cost, body mass index, glucose, blood pressure, optical studies, among others) and lectures on topics such as diabetes, nutrition, etc.
-Wellness at Work conformed by a program of anti-stress routines, brigade courses (fires, first aid, evacuation), rest areas for drivers and total renovation of the dining room.
- Integral Wellness (bio-psycho-social), which is a program that provides emotional, medical, nutritional, legal, psychological and family economic orientation, as well as the celebration of family day
- Affinity Program, which includes discounts for employees and their families in gyms, restaurants, educational services, among others.
-Best Day Travel Group reaffirms its philosophy and commitment as a Socially Responsible Company that, over 34 years of experience, has actively participated in aspects of linkage and development with the community, focusing on the preservation of the environment and the quality of life of its collaborators.



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