RCD Hotels has improved the performance of its operation in three countries thanks to SAP

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RCD Hotels has improved the performance of its operation in three countries thanks to SAP
Thu November 08, 2018

The chain has implemented HANA, the Business Intelligence solution of the German software firm


One of the challenges faced by the hotel industry in the face of the transformation of the sector is the speed with which "business intelligence" is obtained (Business Intelligence). The implementation of the correct technology allows hotel chains to quickly transform business data into information, and this, in turn, into the knowledge necessary to make decisions that optimize processes.

RCD Hotels, a multi-brand chain with presence in Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, has improved its performance through the successful implementation of HANA®. In this regard, managers of the hotel chain, assured that the platform of SAP HANA® has provided a remarkable performance improvement in each locality where they have presence; allowing the extraction of information from the database for Business Intelligence (BI) without affecting the performance of the rest of the system, where they have a more agile operation, with a more friendly interface.

RCD Hotels has a daily operation with seven properties: Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya and soon Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Cancun, Nobu Los Cabos (opening in 2019) and UNICO 20º 87th Hotel Riviera Maya, the first all-inclusive luxury concept, which concentrates an offer of five thousand rooms with 380 active users. These run between 50 and 80 continuous transactions, which take place between four and five thousand times a day.

In the words of the company dedicated to the hotel and holiday clubs and integrated by nine thousand 941 employees, with SAP HANA® have overcome operational challenges, such as the performance of its database, which was affected when they were running biweekly financial consolidation processes or monthly. Now the time for extracting information from your database for BI has been reduced from six to two hours, that is, a 66% reduction in the time allocated to this type of activity.


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