Azul and Copa Airlines deepen their joint work

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Azul and Copa Airlines deepen their joint work
Thu November 08, 2018

Both airlines announced a new code-share agreement. From now on, they will connect their extensive destination networks for the convenience of their customers


Azul and Copa Airlines announced a new code-share agreement. From now on, two of the most important operators in the region will connect their extensive networks of destinations for the convenience of their customers.
In Brazil, Copa Airlines customers can enjoy the presence of Azul, which currently operates in 101 domestic cities, with 52 of these destinations that are not served by any other airline.
Azul will also add its AD code to Copa Airlines flights to and from Panama, allowing customers in Brazil to connect, through the Hub of the Americas, in Panama City, with the largest international air network in Latin America, which It includes 80 destinations in 32 countries in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. In addition, this new partnership will provide passengers on both airlines with the facility to buy a single ticket for their entire trip, as well as dispatch their luggage to their final destination.
Azul and Copa Airlines also strengthened the partnership between their loyalty programs today. The customers of TudoAzul and ConnectMiles can now easily accumulate miles when flying with either of the two airlines and, starting next December, passengers will be able to redeem miles accumulated on both airlines.
"This agreement between Azul and Copa Airlines is a perfect combination that offers benefits for those traveling to Brazil through Panama. From the Hub of the Americas, it is possible to reach nine Brazilian cities, and the connection with Azul at these airports allows these passengers to connect with our 101 destinations in Brazil. In addition to this great offer of cities, Azul offers a service on board recognized worldwide for the quality of service, more than 40 live TV channels on board their aircraft and also snacks and drinks at will, "said Abhi Shah, Vice President of Revenue blue.
"Copa Airlines is always looking for partnerships to offer the best travel experience and expand our route network for the benefit of our passengers. This new partnership with Azul reinforces the company's presence in Brazil and also expands our connectivity in this important country, "said Dennis Cary, senior vice president of Commercial and Planning at Copa Airlines.
"This code-sharing agreement also allows us to offer more flight options to the main cities of the southeast and northeast of Brazil, as well as to the regions where we do not currently fly and which, through the Hub of the Americas, will be connected to Panama and the rest of the American continent, bringing more opportunities and economic development to these communities, "Cary added.
Operational compliance is also another important benefit that this shared code offers customers of both airlines. "This agreement brings together two of the most punctual airlines in the world, Copa Airlines is the most punctual airline in Latin America, while Azul is the most punctual in Brazil, which ensures the best experience for the clients that are flying with us." Shah stressed.
Once the agreement is approved by the regulatory authorities, travelers of both airlines can enjoy the benefits of this partnership between Azul and Copa Airlines.



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