5 unmissable beaches to visit on the Uruguayan coast

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5 unmissable beaches to visit on the Uruguayan coast
Tue November 13, 2018

The South American destination offers an extensive variety of options that will make even the most demanding

Solitary beaches surrounded by nature or agitated coasts perfect for surfing waves, Uruguay proposes an extensive variety of options, which make even the most demanding ones fall in love.
The summer season is getting closer and closer and Uruguay is not far behind. In addition to the benefits that the destination offers to foreign tourists, such as the return of 22% of VAT on gastronomic and car rental services, tax-free hotels and tax free in adhered premises, the country owns a wide variety of beaches suitable for all tastes. From the quietest and most familiar, to the most adventurous, ideal for water sports, here 5 options to live a unique experience in the best Charrúa style:

Due to its beauty and popularity, La Paloma is one of the most emblematic spas in the department of Rocha. Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, its main attraction is its magnificent beaches of white and fine sand, its high dunes, shallow or deep water, as well as endless natural diversity that characterizes the country.
In 2014 La Paloma inaugurated Bahía Grande beach, an accessible beach that has personalized attention from specialists so that young people and adults with physical disabilities have the possibility to enjoy the sea. Support from a teacher, amphibious chairs, walkers, and safety elements are part of their services that are available during the summer season from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 15 to 19.

The stone
Cosmopolitan and relaxed, this is how the Rochen spa of La Pedrera is recognized. Its beaches lend themselves to rest and recreation, as well as fishing and the most varied water sports. Its main beach is known as the "Desplayado" and it is a great center of attraction during the summer months. On the south beach, you can see the last vestiges of the fishing vessel Cathay, stranded in 1971. Farther south the Barrancas de la Pedrera offer the traveler an amazing combination of textures and colors of nature.
La Rambla, on the other hand, is the perfect place to share a fascinating full moon landscape. On the other hand, its Church, craft fair, boutiques, and a variety of small shops and restaurants provide warmth and excellent service for an unforgettable stay.

Punta del Diablo
Its name refers to the multiple shipwrecks that occurred in its coasts in past centuries. By 1942, the area was populated by fishermen, engaged in shark fishing. The oil extracted from them was famous and exported as food for the armies during World War II.
With rocky rocks that enter the sea, Punta del Diablo, is presented as an ideal scenario to tempt the sea with sport fishing. Walking barefoot through its dirt roads, enjoying its beaches and getting to know its people are some of the pleasures offered by this little Rouen Eden. One of the attractions to visit, is the craft fair, located in the center of town. The artists of the area put music to the sunsets, while the tourists relax and enjoy a drink or a good dinner based on seafood.
The spa is ideal for those who like to surf, as the waves form large peaks in front of the beach of La Viuda. During the summer season, championships are held with the participation of local athletes and countries from the region.

Cabo Polonio
The Cabo Polonio National Park is an area of ​​suggestive landscape beauty, which still preserves characteristics typical of the Uruguayan Atlantic coast landscape, prior to the transformation process that began in the mid-20th century due to the expansion of the traditional urban-tourist model. This coastal-marine area has a great heterogeneity of natural environments, including sandy beaches, rocky points, dunes, native coastal forest, small wetlands, oceanic environments and islands.
A place to reconnect yourself with the only company of the waves and dreamy sunsets. It is surrounded by giant dunes and has a small population composed of fishermen and artisans. There is no street lighting, the houses do not have electricity and the streets are sandy. The few travelers that go so far do so in search of a unique experience that includes, in addition to enjoying the tranquility, sighting sea lions, because at the foot of its lighthouse is one of the most important marine reserves in South America .
The Cape Lighthouse is the biggest symbol of the Cape, and one of the classic visits during the stay in the place. It was built in 1881, measures about 40 meters high.
The spa has two beautiful beaches, La Playa Sur, with turbulent waters and a strip of sand that reaches La Pedrera; and North Beach, which borders the spa to Punta del Diablo. It is also known as Playa de la Calavera, because of the numerous shipwrecks that occurred there.


Punta del Este
Punta del Este is internationally recognized as one of the main spas in America. It is located in the department of Maldonado, just an hour and a half from the capital of the country. This offers the visitor a wide recreational offer, which includes an exhibition hall, restaurants, discotheques, art galleries, cinemas, theaters and a hectic nightlife.
It is chosen for the realization of great luxury parties, fashion shows of prestigious brands and a wide range of cultural proposals of great dimension such as the International Jazz Festival, the International Film Festival or exhibitions of renowned contemporary artists.
On the other hand, the spa is considered a unique natural destination. With more than 20 kilometers of coastline and high mountains that look out to sea, the resort also offers charming spots and landscapes for those who come in search of absolute tranquility. The meeting point of its two most famous beaches, Playa Mansa and Playa Brava, is the end of the Río de la Plata and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean. That condition makes it an ideal destination for quiet baths or the practice of sports such as surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, sailing, yachting, polo, golf and tennis.



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