Atlantis Bahamas with more than 40 culinary options

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Atlantis Bahamas with more than 40 culinary options
Tue November 13, 2018

Atlantis has more than 40 dining options, including fine, casual restaurants, cafes and fast foods, outdoor restaurants, bars and lounges



Atlantis, Paradise Island, the lush coastal resort located on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, presents its more than 40 bars and restaurants completely renovated, with cuisine of the highest quality for all tastes.
Atlantis offers everything. You can have a bite by the pool, enjoy creative Bahamas dishes, endless buffets, beachfront dinners or family-style meals.
Several of the restaurants have updated the menus, applying concepts of local food and adding marine species typical of the place.

Luxury restaurants: variety of exquisite cuisines
Sophisticated seafood, innovative sushi and delicacies from around the world: the exquisite meals offered at Paradise Island are as incredibly varied, exciting and multi-faceted as the resort itself. Atlantis offers numerous elegant dining options, from traditional French food to Asian fusion.
Among the luxury restaurants are the restaurants of famous chefs like the recently inaugurated Fish, by José Andrés with the freshest seafood of the Bahamas; Nobu, the new trend of Japanese cuisine by Nobu Matsuhisa, combining ingredients and techniques of the island with international culinary techniques; Café Martinique, by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Olives, by Todd English with Mediterranean gastronomy.
The Chop Stix, Bahamian Club, Casa D'Angelo and Seafire Steakhouse restaurants complete the list.

Informal restaurants:
Many casual dining experiences at Atlantis offer breathtaking views of the aquatic landscape, lagoons, pools and the sea.
Among the casual restaurants is Sip Sip, from the renowned chef Julie Lightbourn, who brings her "Caribterráneo" menu to the pool area. Also Mosaic, another one of Mediterranean influences with live cooking stations.
La Marina, Frankie Gone Bananas, The Point, perfect for the sun set, Murray's Deli with decor from the 50s, Pirate Republic, microbrewery along with lectures on the history of pirates in the islands, among others.
Poseidon's Table, buffet and Lagoon Bar & Grill, are other options for casual restaurants. In addition, the most familiar such as Carmine's, New York, Virgil's BBQ and The Village Burger Sack.

Cafes and fast foods:
Paradise Island vacationers who want a quick bite can enjoy typical American favorites, such as juicy hamburgers, handmade smoothies and milkshakes.
The pizzeria Atlantis Marina Pizzeria offers traditional pizzas with their favorite dressings and some new ones inspired by The Bahamas. Popular with many United States residents, Starbucks offers its iconic menu and incorporates local Bahamian ingredients for new favorite delights. Other of the most popular among the almost 20 options, Sun & Ice, a new experience of ice cream and Shark Bites, of outdoor meals in the area of ​​Aquaventure.

Outdoor restaurants
For those looking to enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterscape, ponds, pool and the sea or just want to take advantage of the perfect weather while tasting the flavors of Atlantis, the outdoor dining areas are available with a variety of food choices including selections light, even the favorites of famous chefs.

Bars and lounges
Fully stocked bars offer special martinis, VIP bottle services and extensive wine lists, as well as places to enjoy the sounds of a live DJ, savor a single malt whiskey or share an intimate drink before bedtime.
The most chosen by the guests are Moon Bar, Aura Nightclub, Dragon's and the Beach Bar.

Meal plans
Meal plans are the perfect way to get the most value while exploring the wide range of restaurant options during your stay. For full breakfast and dinner at some of the most popular restaurants, you can choose the right plan for each.
The plans available to guests are the Casual Meal Plan (full breakfast and two-course dinner every night, choosing from over 10 restaurants) and Gourmet Meal Plan (full breakfast and three-course dinner, over 16) restaurants, including those of renowned chefs).


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