Best Day Travel Group receives recognition from Disney Destinations

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Best Day Travel Group receives recognition from Disney Destinations
Wed November 28, 2018

The company achieved significant growth in the sale of tickets to the theme parks of Orlando, Anaheim and Disney Cruises, during this 2018


Best Day Travel Group, a leading tourism corporate in Mexico and one of the leading companies in Latin America, was visited by an executive committee of Disney Destinations LLC in its corporate offices in Cancun, during which it received an important recognition for the growth in sales of products of the Disney brand, in the last year.
Ing. Julián Balbuena, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Best Day Travel Group, received recognition for the sales work carried out by his different lines of business, hotels, parks and cruises of Disney Destinations LLC during 2018. Accompanied Ing Balbuena: Alejandro Suárez, Chief Supply Officer; Eloy Pérez, VP Global Supply and Bernardo Millán, Sr. Manager Theme Resorts & Parks USA.
"At Best Day Travel Group we are very proud to receive, for the third year in a row, our friends from Disney Destinations and to obtain, on this occasion, the distinction of recognition as Mexican Select Customers. The above is the result of considerable growth, in terms of production and cooperation in the last year, which strengthens our relationship "established Mr. Julián Balbuena Alonso.
Distinguished executives of Disney Destinations LLC, headed by Jeff Van Langeveld, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, who was accompanied by Angel Sarria, Director of Marketing and Sales; Flavia Light, Sales Director and Vincent Perez, Sales Manager, presented the recognition and toured the corporate offices of Best Day Travel Group, where they got to know the new Call Center Hub, the BestDay University, the Technology Center and the innovative coffee shop. among others, spaces that the company has developed in recent months as part of its growth.
It is worth mentioning that through, the B2C business line of Best Day Travel Group, which is the most important online travel agency in Mexico and Latin America, has successfully commercialized Disney Destinations LLC products. in the main markets of Latin America, especially Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Likewise, Hotel DO, the company's B2B business line, which serves wholesale and retail travel agencies, has strongly promoted Disney tourism products in 2018, with an outstanding growth in the Brazilian market and a surprising penetration in Asian and European markets.
The products that have registered the highest growth in sales this year, through the Best Day Travel Group business lines, are the DisneyWorld theme parks in Orlando FL, DisneyLand in Anaheim CA and the Disney Cruise Line boats.
Best Day Travel Group plans to continue promoting Disney destinations throughout Latin America, as part of its global growth strategy, creating synergy with Disney Destinations LLC, for the benefit of both companies but, above all, of their mutual customers.



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