The management secrets of the co-founder of Eventbrite

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The management secrets of the co-founder of Eventbrite
Tue December 04, 2018

The company is based in San Francisco but its reach is global: it has 14 offices in 11 countries and last year processed more than 200 million tickets at events around the world

Recently, Julia Hartz shared some keys to running a successful business. "Our business is successful when our event creators are successful. And the only way to help our creators succeed is to put us in their place so that we can really understand their needs, "said the businesswoman.

In spite of the accelerated pace of business in today's world, innovation is possible if you think big and focus on the long-term opportunity, says Julia. "The great ideas and what motivates us in Eventbrite are born of curiosity and a strong desire to make and take full advantage of experiences. We are not afraid to take risks and learn from our failures. "

Julia and Kevin Hartz share, in addition, the challenge of undertaking together as a couple. For this, she ensures that you have to be aligned with what you want to create. 12 years ago what motivated them and continues to drive them today is that they wanted to build a company that, based on technology, would allow anyone to gather people, create a live experience or organize an event, whatever the topic, passion, curiosity or cause

On the other hand, it is essential to have a good contingency plan both personally and in the business sector and to clearly divide areas of responsibility. "Kevin Hartz, my husband, was very optimistic when we started with Eventbrite and he got me that optimism from the first day. Our inspiration and also our complementary skills led us to be where we are today, "says Julia.

In her journey, Julia learned the importance of forming work teams with people with diverse and very different personalities. "The chemistry that should be in a team is important, but that does not mean that everyone must think and act in the same way. We have achieved success by taking advantage of complementary skill sets and diverse opinions. " Undoubtedly, discovering the skill of each one is a fundamental resource to make the most of each person's potential, Julia calls it discovering the "superpower", which in her case is empathy, but "It was only after learning to apply discipline to my empathy that this happened to become a strength. I had to learn to stay neutral, instead of reacting to everything that came to me.

Trying to anticipate what will be the needs of the world in five to ten years, and build a diverse team for that seem to be the keys so that today this platform drives millions of events for more than 700,000 organizers around the world.


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