Argentina will preside over the South America Chapter of SITE

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Argentina will preside over the South America Chapter of SITE
Emora Franco, INPROTUR
Tue December 11, 2018

It is emphasized that Emora Franco, coordinator of the Tourism Meeting Team of INPROTUR, will be the one in charge


Once again, the Argentine Republic achieved a positive result in Meeting Tourism. On this occasion, our country will occupy the presidency of the South America Chapter of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE).
In the past month of November, by means of an electronic voting, the election for the change of authorities of SITE was made and the National Institute of Tourist Promotion (INPROTUR), that had been postulated like President of the mentioned Chapter, finally obtained the triumph.
It should be noted that Emora Franco, coordinator of the Meeting Tourism team of INPROTUR, will be the President of the Chapter.
INPROTUR is a member of SITE more than eight years ago. This international association brings together the main references of corporate events and incentive trips worldwide. The partners can be hotels, event organizers, specialized travel agencies, destinations, bureaux, airlines and all those who want to position themselves in this segment. It currently has more than 2 thousand members in 90 countries.
This achievement implies that INPROTUR will have the responsibility to represent Argentina and the rest of the South American nations in the global entity and continue working for the positioning of the entire region in tourism.
The incentive travel area shows a prolonged growth, which allows an important possibility of economic development for the countries. In that sense, Latin America and Eastern Europe are the regions of the world that have grown the most since 2015, according to the latest SITE Index (report made by SITE on the global situation of this segment).


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