5-star hotel opens in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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5-star hotel opens in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Mon December 31, 2018

Lifestyle Group announced the inauguration of the Presidential Suites by Lifestyle, a project built with an investment of $ 36 million and that will provide 200 new jobs

In the beautiful area of ​​Cabarete and with the presence of President Danilo Medina, the Presidential Suites Cabarete by Lifestyle Hotel was inaugurated, a project built with an investment of 36 million dollars and which will bring 200 new jobs to the North of the Dominican Republic. employment directly and about 600 indirect jobs.
The new hotel project is located on the main road of the Municipal District of Cabarete and has a total of 13 buildings with units of 1, 2 and 3 rooms at the end of its stages. Cabarete is recognized worldwide for its excellent beaches for surfing, kite boarding and other water sports.
Markus Wischenbart, President of the Lifestyle Group reiterated his commitment to continue investing in all the brother country, and especially in Puerto Plata, where he founded his first hotel. Wischenbart is an avid traveler of the world who has seen his vision that VIP vacations in the Caribbean, all inclusive, have been made on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Since joining the Dominican Republic's tourist scene, it has been the epitome of this achievement. His motto, "Everything is possible" has been demonstrated in his actions and in his ability to tackle one objective after another.
Similarly, Wischenbart said that this new hotel, the third with the Presidential Suites label, shows the strength and growth recorded by the tourism industry in Puerto Plata, and highlighted the economic impact of tourism on the Atlantic Bride, as it is known as Puerto Plata.
"Only this year, which is almost over, our contribution to the treasury will be around one billion pesos, in addition to the four billion we contributed in the last five years."
Likewise, Wynn Group Companies, one of the main Canadian investment groups, chose the Dominican Republic for the construction of this new hotel due to the good investment climate that exists in the country.
Patrick Sleezer, who spoke on behalf of the Wynn Group, reiterated his confidence in the Lifestyle Group to operate the new hotel infrastructure, with the five-star level that characterizes the brand, due to the success of the hotel company in the Dominican Republic.
The words of the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Javier García, who highlighted the growth that Puerto Plata has registered as a destination in recent years, the Lifestyle Group being a complex that exhibits one of the highest levels of occupation of area.

Project Amenities
With its luxurious buildings, is composed of several units of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms as well as restaurants, spa with sauna and jacuzzi, beauty salon, excursions, gym, swimming pools, snack bar, bars, laundry and other recreational areas.
Currently at the opening of the first stage has 105 units for a total of 131 rooms. The entire hotel includes 163 units that offer visitors a new concept of exclusivity and comfort.
The luxurious project with all its facilities will attract thousands of new tourists a year to the important destination of Cabarete, which will lead to a significant economic movement throughout the area.


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