More than a thousand guests in the 4th thematic Réveillon de La Torre

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More than a thousand guests in the 4th thematic Réveillon de La Torre
Thu January 03, 2019

On this occasion, the hotel complex of Porto Seguro prepared a thematic party about Italy, its history, its music, its art, its fashion, and of course its gastronomy

With the presence of more than a thousand guests and under the title "Benvenuti in Italia", the Réveillon 2019 party resulted in an authentic trip to the best of Italy, its history, its music, its art, its fashion and of course its gastronomy . A super production that took the effort of more than 450 collaborators and dozens of artists, to finalize for the fourth consecutive year a great thematic bet with full convocation and total satisfaction of a demanding, happy public.

Throughout the 20 thousand square meters of the Events Park, a small and magical Italy was built with its main cities represented: replicas of sculptures of Rome and its imposing Coliseum; the mythical leaning tower of Pisa; the romantic Venice with its gondola, its gondoliers and its bridge; Milan, with its vittorio of icons of the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery; the Verona of the lovers with their Shakespeareans Romeo and Julita; Torino, and the tradition of its cafes; Florence with its history of the "gelato" of the country; and fashion and art and of course the design, including a beautiful red Ferrari convertible to the delight of fans of Italian mechanics. And of course, the thematic buffet, an authentic gastronomic display reproducing the best of the excellent italic cuisine. And finally yes: a 15-minute pyrotechnic show rounded off the night with pure light and color and sound.

On the great stage of La Torre, the internationally recognized tenor Thiago Arancam was the main attraction, and together with Luigi Rotunno -director general of the resort-, marked the countdown of the last ten seconds of 2018. Then the explosion, the fires, light, color: 2019.

If in La Torre children are always protagonists, in such a special night they could not be less. In an exclusive space for them, cared for and encouraged by our coordinators, the immortal Pinocchio, that Italian classic of children's literature, with his house, Geppetto's workshop, videos and theatrical performances, Pinocchio himself and his friends, was waiting for them. thus transported the children to a world of magic and wonder difficult to forget.

"The Tower is already a reference in terms of organizing a true experience in Réveillon. The imaginary journey of the thematic parties carried out during the last years, surprises the guests with impeccable lights, sound, decoration and gastronomy ", commented Luigo Rotunno initiating a new success of those that took La Torre to be one of the favorite Brazilian destinations to dismiss the year.


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