Cayman Islands, a destination recognized for its unique culinary scene

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Cayman Islands, a destination recognized for its unique culinary scene
Mon January 07, 2019

The small island trio has more than 200 restaurants that offer a huge variety of local and gourmet establishments to delight visitors with some of the Caribbean's most incredible meals

Visitors to Grand Cayman, the largest island in the Cayman Islands, can enjoy one of the best beaches in the world on the famous Seven Mile Beach. But after the relaxing days of relaxation in turquoise waters, you can start a culinary circuit to try the different types of meals available in the various restaurants located throughout the island. Let's review some of the options that the island has to show.
On the West Bay Road, visitors will find Blue Cilantro, an exquisite gourmet restaurant run by Chef Vidyadhara Shetty, from Bombay, India. Travelers can try several fusion cuisine dishes prepared with local ingredients and fresh fish from the island. Exceptional Blue Cilantro dishes include lobster ravioli made with boursin cheese, truffle oil and pumpkin sauce. Seafood lovers will enjoy many main dishes, such as the unforgettable "Asian aromatic seafood", where a selection of Caribbean lobster, shrimp, clams and mussels is combined with rice and accompanied by a tasty coconut stew.
A Grand Cayman culinary tour will surely include a new stop every day at places like Morgan's, Lobster Pot, Mizu and the only one of its kind Cayman Cabana. The latter, located in the capital of the island, George Town, is an establishment known for its authentic Caymanian cuisine, delicious beers and tropical cocktails. The menu for dinner at the restaurant includes typical dishes made with fresh local fish caught the same day. Cayman Cabana works throughout the year with local producers to bring their customers premium dishes made with raw materials from the island itself.
If the visit to Grand Cayman includes a Wednesday, there is a special point that you can not miss: the Flavor Tour will allow you to enjoy "farm to table" meals with distinctive style at four restaurants in the beautiful Camana Bay area. Attendees will begin their evening with a wine tasting at the West Indies Wine Company, and then continue with a series of three restaurants in Camana Bay to savor a small dish and cocktail, before finishing with a refreshing dessert at Gelato & Co. The menu changes every week and is made on the day of the tour, with fresh market ingredients obtained that same morning.

For visitors going to Cayman this season​
Travelers who visit the island this month will have a special opportunity to enjoy the best Caribbean cuisine. On January 26, the Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival food and beverage festival will welcome visitors from all over the planet. Find the best of the diverse cuisines of Cayman, local produce and drinks that combine during this event in Camana Bay. The festival for food lovers is paradise on a plate.
They celebrate 30 years of festival, so it will be bigger and more appetizing than ever. And the event offers something to each person. From delicious ice creams to adult cocktails, street food and gourmet masterpieces - there's sure to be something to stimulate your taste buds. I attended and consisted of all your senses in this year's edition. To participate, visitors can buy their tickets at, where there are different options for each budget.


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