Great opportunity in the Americas: good perspectives in the Asian outbound travel

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Great opportunity in the Americas: good perspectives in the Asian outbound travel
Wed January 09, 2019

The main outbound market continues to show excellent health. After growing 8% in 2018, the forecasts for 2019 shows an increase of 6%

The Asian issuing market increased by 8% in 2018 as shown by the World Travel Monitor® of IPK International in conjunction with ITB Berlin. That number has been driven largely by China, which has achieved the highest growth rate in the region.

"Once again, Asia is showing very strong growth rates after fairly moderate increases in 2017. China is a key contributor to growth, with 13% more outbound trips compared to the same period last year," he said. Rolf Freitag, CEO of IPK International.

In line with the rest of the world, holidays are the key contributor to the growth of travel abroad, and increased by ten percent in Asia between January and August of this year. On the other hand, business and trips to family and family visits (VFR trips) had a clearly lower performance compared to growth rates of two percent each.

Trips to cities, the type of vacation preferred by Asians with a market share of around a third, grew ten percent more during the first eight months. Even greater increases were seen in sun and beach holidays, the second most important segment for outbound trips from Asia, which increased by 15 percent. However, tourism holidays are decreasing with two percent fewer trips. These trends are a continuation of last year's developments where the growth rates within the holiday segment have been quite similar. The average duration of departures in Asia was 5.6 nights and, therefore, decreased slightly compared to last year. One of the reasons for this development was the change from the Tour holidays, which are usually longer, to more trips around the city and sun and beach holidays. The average cost of around 1650 euros per trip was stable.

In terms of booking sites, booking through the Internet is still the most popular and has increased by eleven percent more. However, travel agencies also managed to earn five percent, after decreases in the same period last year. In addition, direct hotel and carrier bookings increased markedly, resulting in a general increase in reserved trips of 9 percent.

Dr. Martin Buck, Senior Vice President of Travel and Logistics at Messe Berlin: "The World Travel Monitor® statistics are impressive proof that in recent years, Asia has gradually become the driving force in the tourism market In this positive context, ITB together with ITB Asia in Singapore and ITB China has once again demonstrated its ability to recognize growth-intensive markets, our trade fairs are in an ideal position in the market and in contact with trends of current and future travel Malaysia, the official partner country of ITB Berlin 2019, has also developed its tourism products impressively ".

Slower growth is expected for 2019
The forecast for outbound trips from Asia in 2019 is positive and with six percent on par with the global forecast. Compared with the developments so far in 2018, a slower growth rate can be expected in the next twelve months. One of the reasons is the expected stagnation of the Japanese market. These forecasts are based on the IPK World Travel Trust Index, which analyzes travel intentions for the next 12 months.

ITB Berlin will soon publish additional information on specific topics related to World Travel Monitor® data from IPK International. The conclusive results of the travel trend for 2018 will also be presented at the end of the year.

Rolf Freitag, CEO of IPK International, will present the findings of the World Travel Monitor® for 2018 at the ITB Future Day during the ITB Convention in Berlin, as well as the forecasts for 2019. The World Travel Monitor® is based on the results of representative interviews . With more than 500,000 people in more than 60 world travel markets. It has been published for more than 20 years and is recognized as the most comprehensive ongoing study of global travel trends.


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