Chile seeks to captivate Brazilians with new tourism experiences

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Chile seeks to captivate Brazilians with new tourism experiences
Wed January 09, 2019

Chile receives about 550 thousand visits from Brazilian tourists per year, who leave around US $ 462.7 million to the country for tourism and that position it as one of the priority markets


With the aim of increasing their arrivals and prolonging the stay and spending of Brazilian tourism, the Tourism Connect: Brazil workshop was held.
The Undersecretary of Tourism, Mónica Zalaquett, assured that "in Chile, tourism has changed a lot in the last decade, increasing exponentially, and part of this growth has come hand in hand with Brazil. In the last 5 years, Brazil increased 50% in arrivals and in 2017 it had more than 10% participation in total currencies, which shows its importance. To work a market like this, first of all we need to know our consumer, their tastes and habits and then, segregate them correctly and this morning's activity aims precisely at this path ".
For its part, the National Director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, said that "the call for this year is to innovate in our promotion strategies. In addition to positioning Chile and its tourist attractions at the Sao Paulo World Travel Market in Latin America in April and making a winter season launch there with tour operators, travel agencies and specialized press, we intend to refresh campaign strategies on and offline that we have programmed to captivate more Brazilians in the following seasons ".
Chile seeks to captivate Brazilians, because it is the sixth most visited country by them, surpassing Uruguay, Spain, Mexico and Germany, among others. And if we consider that 41% of Brazilians travel three or more times a year, they continue to open up possibilities of attracting a greater flow of tourists from this market.
In this regard, the National Director of Sernatur emphasized that "it is essential that we diversify our tourist offer to expand the range of options that we are providing. Although they are characterized by being lovers of wine, snow and shopping, they are opening up to new niches, such as luxury experiences and nature and adventure, such as wine tourism and astrotourism; and also to the exchange with the local culture and its gastronomy ".
To contribute to this challenge, Sernatur developed Turismo Connect: Brazil, the first of several workshops focused on prioritized markets and aimed at the national tourism industry. In this case, the objective was to increase the knowledge about Brazil and the profile of the tourists that visit us, in order to adapt and improve not only the promotion actions, but also to make the products and experiences respond to their needs and interests, to improve sales and positioning of the exportable tourist offer.
The event was attended by more than 90 industry members and was attended by 4 speakers who shared their knowledge on how to attract this market: Ana Donato, CEO of Imaginadora Marketing & Eventos, the representative agency of Chile in Brazil; Henri Bugnet, Google's senior account manager in Chile; Carolina Pinheiro, partner and general manager of Inbrax; and Felipe Dias, general manager of Tip Group Travel.

Profile of the Brazilian tourist
Their visits are concentrated in the low season, mainly in the third quarter with 39%, which corresponds to the months of July, August and September. It is a relevant market depending on the level of expenditure generated in the destination. Each day they spend about US $ 104.8, that is, their spending is 1.5 times higher than that of Argentine tourists and twice that of tourists in Europe.
The main reason for the trip is holidays and leisure, averaging a stay of 8 nights. Among the tourist destinations that most demand are Santiago, Valparaíso / Viña del Mar, wine valleys of the central zone, Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park, San Pedro de Atacama and destinations of the Lakes Region with Lakes crossing combined with Argentina.


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