SECTUR has announced the celebration of the 44th edition of the Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco

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SECTUR has announced the celebration of the 44th edition of the Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco
Thu January 10, 2019

The event will take place from April 7 to 10 of this year at Expo Mundo Imperial, an estate that has 45 thousand square meters


When announcing the celebration of the forty-fourth edition of the "Tianguis Turístico de México, Acapulco 2019", the federal tourism secretary, Miguel Torruco Marqués, assured that in this government there will not be another tianguis or tourist event guarded by army tanks, "because It is an event where tourism is synonymous with peace and understanding among peoples. "

At a press conference, accompanied by the governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo Flores, and the secretary of Tourism of that entity, Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona, ​​the head of the Ministry made it clear that it will be something of the past those convention centers practically besieged, which They were the headquarters of the tourist tianguis.

Torruco Marqués stressed that starting this year the Tourism Tianguis of Mexico, organized by the Federal Ministry of Tourism and the government of the state of Guerrero, will be self-financing. He said that this is the most important tourist event in Mexico, driving and triggering the businesses that bidders and plaintiffs make.

He recalled that the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since the campaign undertook to continue with the itinerary of the Tourist Tianguis returning it to the Port of Acapulco every two years.

He said that next Monday, January 14, he will make a presentation on the Tourist Tianguis to the President of the Republic, to see if he can be present, but he warned that there will be a big difference: "the difference that we have all criticized. When I was president of the Mexican Association of Hotels always said it was outrageous to see surrounded by tanks an event where tourism is synonymous with peace and understanding among the people.

He added that it was also outrageous to see the tour operators sweating an hour outside to get to the opening ceremony, adding: "never again in the tianguis and tourism events in this country. Simply, if the President attends, there will be a modest ceremony in a room where there will be no obstruction or the buyers will be wasted so they can negotiate. "

He clarified that, if the President of the Republic so decides, after the inauguration of the Tianguis, he will visit the pavilions. "There is still a lack of confirmation that the President says he is attending this important event," he remarked.

The head of the federal Sectur announced that next week will be launched the call to see the different requests from the governments of the states for the headquarters of 2020. And from January next year will be the call to define the venues remaining to conclude until 2024.

The Secretary of Tourism emphasized that, according to the new tourism policy, "we want quality, not quantity. We want our country to increase foreign exchange and per capita spending, because that is where the tourist potential of a nation is measured. "

He explained that it is necessary to give more quality to our tourism product to increase the income of foreign currency and benefit the local population. An essential part of tourism policy, he added, is to make tourism a tool of social reconciliation.

He explained that the actions that have been taken are aimed at improving the local population. In this regard, he congratulated the governor of Guerrero for carrying out the works he has carried out to show an even more beautiful face of Acapulco, such as the overpass and new infrastructure in the traditional Acapulco.

He informed that they have confirmed to 27 states of the Republic, knowing that 100 percent of the entities of the country will participate in the Tianguis.

He explained that this edition of the Tourism Tianguis will take place from April 7 to 10 of this year, at the Expo Mundo Imperial, which has 45 thousand square meters.

It is expected that 50 percent of the participants are national buyers; among internationals, the United States will participate with 32 percent, Latin America 10 percent, Europe 7.5, Canada 5, Asia 3.4 percent and other countries the difference.

He advanced part of the agenda of the Tianguis: on Sunday, April 7 will be the opening ceremony; the food called Captains of Industry; and a welcome dinner, which will be a surprise for the State Government. From Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 April will be business meetings, but also conferences of great importance, such as the one given by Carlos Slim Domit, who will talk about the importance of new technologies in the development of tourism.


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