Norwegian, pioneer in free wi-fi for intercontinental flights

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Norwegian, pioneer in free wi-fi for intercontinental flights
Thu January 10, 2019

The airline has already begun offering free Wi-Fi in its fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and 737 MAX planes

Norwegian starts the new year by enhancing the passenger experience on its long-haul flights, with the introduction of free on-board wi-fi service in its growing fleet of long-haul aircraft, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and 737 MAX models. The Dreamliner is the model with which Norwegian covers the route between Buenos Aires and London since February 2018, in which it already offers wi-fi on board.
Recognized by Skytrax as "The Best Low Cost Long Distance Airline 2018", Norwegian was the first airline to offer free Wi-Fi on all of its European routes, since 2011. Norwegian was the first to deploy in the system. entertainment on board the possibility of watching live television, since 2015.
Since 2013, Norwegian has had significant growth and has become a leading airline for low-cost long-haul flights, which currently has a network of destinations with more than 60 routes between Europe, the United States, South America and Asia, operated with modern aircraft and highly efficient in the use of fuel.
Norwegian passengers traveling between Europe and the United States, South America and Asia can be connected to the Internet in flight thanks to the launch of high-speed Wi-Fi service, both free and Premium, in the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet. and 737 MAX.
Norwegian points out that by the end of 2020 more than 50% of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet offers wi-fi connectivity on board. The launch of this same service for the Boeing 737 MAX fleet of aircraft will start from the middle of January 2019.

Two on-board Wi-Fi service options, Basic and Premium
Norwegian passengers traveling in the Economy or Premium cabin of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and 737 MAX aircraft have two options of on-board Wi-Fi service.

Basic Option
The basic option is free and allows you to surf the Internet, update social networks, send and receive emails, as well as send instant messages with friends, family and colleagues, using the electronic devices of each passenger, such as tablets , computers and mobile phones, during the entire duration of the flight.

Premium option
Norwegian offers all its passengers the option of high-speed Wi-Fi Premium, fast enough to transmit music, movies and TV shows on Netflix and YouTube, among others. It is available with a price from 14.95 US dollars or 12.95 euros, and lasts for three hours. Passengers can choose the currency in which they prefer to pay for the service.

Boris Bubresko, Vice President of Business Development at Norwegian, said: "We are continuously improving the passenger experience during the flight and we are delighted to be the first airline to offer free Wi-Fi for the duration of flights. long distance".
"Millions of Norwegian passengers have already enjoyed free wi-fi in the European skies and, now, long-distance passengers will also be able to continue trusting the free and high-speed Internet connection, which will personalize and improve their travel," he added. .
"From being the first European airline to launch free Wi-Fi on all short-haul flights, followed by free live television, the deployment of broadband services on long-haul flights will offer Norwegian passengers - both leisure as well as business- an even better travel experience, with affordable rates, "he concluded.

Collins Aerospace Technology
Passengers will have a high-speed wireless Internet browsing experience thanks to Collins Aerospace's CabinConnect ™ wireless flight connectivity platform. CabinConnect uses the Inmarsat Global Aviation (GX) satellite network, specifically designed to offer passengers high-speed, reliable global connectivity.
The free Wi-Fi service on board is achieved by having an antenna installed in the fuselage of each plane, which is connected to an Inmarsat GX satellite network. Passengers will have high security access to Internet content through CabinConnect, including their favorite programs, flight maps and voice and messaging services through their devices.


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