Azul inaugurates regular and unprecedented operation between Buenos Aires and Campinas

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Azul inaugurates regular and unprecedented operation between Buenos Aires and Campinas
Fri January 11, 2019

The new route expands the international offer of the company starting from the Ezeiza Airport; the flights will be daily and with Airbus320NEO aircraft, the most modern of the fleet


As of today, the main Azul hub in Brazil, Campinas, adds a new international route to Ezeiza. Specifically at 09:00, the company started the inaugural operation for Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The takeoff of the flight represents a milestone in the history of the city campineira and of the interior of San Pablo, which, for the first time in history, happen to have a regular and direct frequency for the Argentine destination.

With this new operation, the Ezeiza Airport will have five daily flights from La Azul for four destinations: Belo Horizonte, Cabo Frio, in Rio de Janeiro, Navegantes and, now, Campinas. The Campinas-Buenos Aires route will have daily flights, departing from Viracopos in the morning. The operations will be carried out with the modern A320neo aircraft, which have an on-board entertainment system. With the opening of this new market, Campinas, which today is the largest connection center in Latin America for domestic flights, will have non-stop connections to 60 destinations, 4 of them international: Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, in the United States, Lisbon in Portugal, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This new route will allow 42 Brazilian cities, which are only flown by Azul, to connect in Campinas to Argentina, opening a market of tourists that until today had no access by air. For the Vice President of Revenue de Azul, Abhi Shah, the new flight will provide more travel opportunities to customers in the interior of São Paulo and will strengthen the network of connections created by the company at the Viracopos International Airport.

"We are happy to realize the dream of offering our clients direct flights from our largest hub to Buenos Aires, with this new operation, our expectation is to boost tourism between the two countries, bringing even more Brazilian customers to know the charms of Argentina It is a very special and historic moment for Campinas, since the city becomes the first destination in the interior of São Paulo to have flights to Buenos Aires, this new connection is a great gift for those who fly Azul and will leave our national network and international even more connected, "says Abhi, who also thanks the authorities of the ANAC Brazil and Argentina for the support they have provided for the realization of this new route.


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