Children make their first flight at younger and younger ages

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Children make their first flight at younger and younger ages
January 17, 2019

A few years ago, traveling with children by plane used to be rare, but according to a study carried out by Emirates Airlines, the generation of 2000 was born to fly

Traveling with children by plane used to be considered an adventure from beginning to end both for their parents and the rest of the passage. However, the development of children's menus, the delivery of kits with games and the wide range of audiovisual content for children in the entertainment on board, guarantee a rewarding experience for all.
In this sense, a study by Emirates reveals the growing trend of parents who choose to travel with their children at an early age. The study conducted in the United Kingdom confirms that children born in the new millennium are going to the skies at a much younger age than their parents, who traveled for the first time in an airplane with an average age of 10 years; while currently, by the time they reach school age, one in five children will have already traveled to 5 or more different countries.
According to the study, among the main reasons why parents want to travel with their children is to create new memories as a family (77%), spend quality time together (68%) and encourage them to feel more curious about the world (53 %). Moms and dads in the UK also admit that they like to "share" 60% post snapshots of family vacations on social networks to share their experiences with friends and family at home, while 14% do so to portray memorable moments from your children on vacation.
The most sought after milestones that parents wish to celebrate when they take their children on a trip include the first flight of their children (58%), the first swim in the sea (37%) and the first swim in a swimming pool (25%). Other memorable moments for moms and dads include the first sandcastle of their children (16%) and watching them make their first friend on vacation (12%). Remembering their family vacations, parents' favorite memories include playing with their siblings in the hotel pool (29%), getting up early to travel to the airport (28%) and being allowed to stay late for family dinners (23%) .

The invaluable contribution of the grandparents:
Parents usually want to share these special vacation moments with the rest of the family, and most say they would like their children's grandparents to travel with them (56%), a little less than a third who would choose to leave with their siblings (32%) and more than a quarter (26%) with family friends. However, the presence of grandparents or other close members would also serve other purposes: one in five (22%) confesses that it is a great attraction to ensure free child care, 21% admit that help to divide the costs and 14% as a contribution for cooking tasks.


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