Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito receives accessibility certification

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Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito receives accessibility certification
Veronica Sevilla, Quito Turismo
Fri January 18, 2019

The mention obtained has been made by GUDC, through its representative in Ecuador, FMR S.A., who made an analysis of the plans and recommendations to obtain the certification in Accessibility and Universal Design

The Global Universal Design Commission (GUDC), a US corporation that develops Universal Design standards for buildings, products and services, awarded the Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito (CCMQ) the Universal Accessibility and Design certification, making it the first public building of Ecuador and Latin America to receive this mention for complying with the regulations that this type of construction requires.
The event took place in the auditorium of the CCMQ, which began with the reproduction of the video "Your story begins in Quito", an important project of international tourism promotion carried out by the Mayor's Office of Quito, through Quito Turismo.
The ceremony was chaired by Verónica Sevilla, general manager of Quito Turismo, who said "Accessible tourism is for everyone, since it is the component of any responsible and sustainable tourism policy".
He also emphasized that this building will be the accessibility icon in Ecuador and is the first step for citizens to have access to knowledge.
"In the world there are a billion people with disabilities and accessibility makes us have a friendlier experience with the city," he said.
For his part Peter Blanck, president of the GUDC and who made the delivery of the commemorative plaque, mentioned "This building is a tourist impulse for Quito and Ecuador, if we want a better world, we must overcome the barriers and create a bigger vision of accessibility ".
Subsequently, lectures on accessibility within the tourism environment were given by Peter Blanck, president of the GUDC, Maria Teresa Donoso representative of GUDC in Ecuador and Carlos Caicedo Tapia, Director of Housing Regulation of CONADIS.
This international certification mainly evaluates three requirements:
Infrastructure, which validates the plant of the building, whose construction has been in charge of the Ecuadorian Council of Sustainable Building and Ekron Constructions.
Public Space, certifies the parking lots and the entrance space, in charge of the Metropolitan Mobility and Public Works Company EPMMOP.
Equipment, which qualifies the implementation of the CCMQ.
The mention obtained was made by GUDC, through its representative in Ecuador, the company FMR S.A., who made an analysis of the plans and recommendations to obtain the certification in Accessibility and Universal Design.
The building complies with the Ecuadorian regulations on accessibility to the physical environment defined by the INEN and the Ecuadorian Construction Standard - Universal Accessibility Code NEC-HS-AU, which carries out an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure and includes different areas.
Quito reaffirms for the second consecutive year as Leader of Meetings, Conferences and Events in South America, awarded by the World Travel Awards and remains positioned among the 10 best cities in South America in the ranking of the ICCA, the International Association of Congresses and Conventions, organization that seeks exchange and information on congresses and conventions, worldwide, related to tourism activity in general. Soon the CCMQ will have the LEED International Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), one of the most recognized worldwide and designed for sustainable buildings that meet a set of rules and strategies, aimed at achieving sustainable results and energy savings in its structure.
The magnitude of events that this impressive architectural work contemplates, projects and positions the tourism of the city, turning it into a strategic point for the realization of national and international congresses and conventions.
This space, and as part of an emblematic project of the Mayor's Office of Quito through Quito Turismo, focuses mainly on urban development, tourism and services for Quito residents and local and foreign visitors. In the future, this ambitious project will feature an open and closed arena, a business center building, a gastronomic center, a shopping center and two hotel towers.


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