Tourism represents 10.4% of world GDP and generates 1 in 10 jobs

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Tourism represents 10.4% of world GDP and generates 1 in 10 jobs
January 23, 2019

The figure has been announced in the WTTC forum held within the framework of FITUR 2019

The Travel and Tourism sector represents 10.4% of world GDP and is responsible for the generation of 1 of every 10 jobs on the planet, according to the president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Gloria Guevara, at the WTTC High-Level Meeting Forum, held today in the framework of FITUR, the International Tourism Fair organized by IFEMA, which is being held from 23 to 27 January at Feria de Madrid.
The meeting, organized by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), has analyzed the challenges and opportunities facing the tourism industry in the face of the rapid changes in the world. Guevara, who stressed that this is the first time this conference is held within the framework of FITUR, has indicated that tourism is still "an engine for economic growth and job creation, despite the global uncertainty in economic issues and geopolitical. " "While the sector has shown its resistance to shocks," he added, "sustained growth can not be achieved without sound policies."
Therefore, Guevara has highlighted the importance of considering what policies and improvements in their practices have been implemented by different countries to boost the competitiveness of the sector. On the other hand, he has anticipated that the World Tourism Summit returns to Spain, specifically to the city of Seville.
For its part, the Bloomberg Media Group CCO, Andrew Bennet, has explained the main conclusions of the annual report prepared by this firm, which analyzes five interconnected mega trends that are shaping the future and that will allow the travel and tourism sector to anticipate opportunities, maximize resources and achieve competitive advantages in the long term, while growing sustainably. In this sense, he highlighted the improved reality, the restructured life, the data revolution, the redistribution of power and the changes in consumption.

Spain: success story
In the second part of the forum, aimed at the design of policies, successful cases have been exposed on how to improve the image of the sector and destinations, as well as competitiveness strategies in different scenarios. In this framework, Eduardo López Puertas, CEO of IFEMA, has spoken with the Secretary of State for Tourism of Spain, María Isabel Oliver, on the keys that have made our country the most competitive in the world in tourism.
López Puertas pointed out that "some of these best practices can serve as an exponent to transform the tourism industry" and has especially highlighted the enhancement of MICE tourism, a segment encompassed in quality tourism that focuses on higher average spending and sustainability . In addition, he affirmed that "the growth margin of this tourism is still very high".
For his part, María Isabel Oliver, said that "Spain is the world number one in competitiveness", thanks to "our geographical situation, competitiveness, culture and our entrepreneurs." And he has indicated that "Spain must take advantage of the moment of tourism strength in which it finds itself to face new challenges such as sustainability". In addition, he noted that the Government is preparing a tourism strategy based on a series of strategic lines such as "economic, social and environmental sustainability." Finally, he highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration in the development of tourism, as well as among public administrations themselves.
Among the speakers who participated in the forum were also Najib Balala, Secretary of Tourism of Kenya; Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Company; Elena Foguet, CCO of Blomberg Media Group; Diana Robino, vice president of Global Tourism Partnerships; Ana Mendez Godinho, Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal; Marco Sansavini, CCO of Iberia; and Pierre - Hugues Schmidt, CCO of Vinci Airports.


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