SiteMinder presents their news in FITUR 2019

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SiteMinder presents their news in FITUR 2019
Thu January 24, 2019

During 5 days, an important team of the technology firm receives the visit of important executives to carry out demonstrations of the updates that are available for this year

SiteMinder, a leading technology firm in solutions for hospitality companies, once again participates in FITUR presenting the latest innovations for this season. We had the chance to talk with Rocio Herraiz, Brand Communications & PR for EMEA and Latin America at SiteMinder who commented: "We are a platform that connects travelers with hotels and unifies distribution channels to offer more options at a global level. We are growing a lot in the Caribbean, as the hotel owners immediately notice the benefits of implementing our solutions, there are properties that, prior to working with us, had an average annual occupancy of 50% and they went on to obtain more than 80% thanks to SiteMinder. It is really simple both the implementation and the daily use. "

The executive added: "In Latin America we are making a big effort to make ourselves known and keep growing, we participate in the most important fairs, we publish notes in the main specialized media.

"While this year we will be more focused on Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, we do not rule out any other market in the continent because they are all interesting."

At a time when guests have more options than ever when they travel, the name of SiteMinder is synonymous with technology that helps hotels exploit their full potential and, thanks to its use, make its way into a world in which the consumer is the protagonist. SiteMinder is the world's leading traveler attraction platform in the hotel industry. It is a pioneer for its ingenious and simple solutions that make hotels, of all styles and sizes, attract guests from all over the world, accompanying them at every stage of their trip. Thanks to the essential role it plays in the sector, SiteMinder has earned the trust of more than 30,000 hotels in 160 countries, generating more than 80 million reservations that, for hotels, represent revenues of more than 26 billion dollars each year.


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