The Corredor de los Pájaros Pintados, an emblem of Uruguayan culture

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The Corredor de los Pájaros Pintados, an emblem of Uruguayan culture
Mon January 28, 2019

Live nautical tours that complement the sounds of the native fauna, admire wild landscapes in protected areas, wine production and the world heritage recognized by UNESCO are some of the experiences offered by the route


Knowing Uruguay as a root is what the visit to the Painted Birds Tourist Corridor proposes. Its gastronomic offer and cultural, thermal and nautical walks allow you to fully enjoy nature and local customs. Year after year, the Ministry of Tourism has been positioning in the public, local and foreign, this alternative that includes the departments of Soriano, Paysandú, Colonia, Artigas, Río Negro, and Salto, which are located on the coasts of the Rio de La Plata, the Uruguay River and the Negro River.

Nautical adventures
There are eight boats that make different tourist trips to live a true nautical adventure in the Pájaros Pintados Corridor. For example, in the city of Carmelo, "Travesías del Plata" offers its rides through the Las Vacas stream and Río de la Plata, contemplating unknown corners of the city founded by Artigas, and enjoying magnificent sunsets. In addition, visits to the wineries are offered from the river, being the only experience of its kind in the region. In the same city, "Río Viajes", offers trips to Martín García Island, on his boat "Victoria", knowing Timoteo Domínguez Island, the only dry border with Argentina, enjoying gastronomy, nature and history.
On the other hand, in Fray Bentos and Las Cañas, the "Don Elías" vessel began to operate to enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage site from a unique perspective, as well as going through the ravines that lead to the most visited beach of the Uruguay River. In turn, kayak and canoe rides can be made, in some cases with prior coordination, in several points of the Coast: in Mercedes with "Guernika Adventures", in New Berlin with "Sendero la Yeguada", in San Javier with "Grupo Farrapos ", in Montes del Queguay with the" Club Queguay Canoas ", in Bella Unión with" Norte Aventura ", and in Termas de Daymán and Arapey it is offered by" Uruguay Aventura ".

The towns of Villa Soriano, Fray Bentos, Salto and Bella Unión, fish is one of their specialties. Salto for example, offers the possibility of tasting various river fish, especially shad and dorado in the port area. San Javier, in honor of their ancestors from Russia, offers the possibility of tasting drinks and typical dishes of the collectivity such as shaslik (lamb macerated and roasted), pirashkys (empanaditas of cabbage and boñiato), piroj (simil pasta frola de sweet of pumpkin), kwas (honey liqueur) and other expressions of traditional cuisine.
For wine lovers, the wine route in Carmelo is a must. The renowned wineries in the area offer a tour through aromas and flavors of excellent wines of international level, made following ancient European traditions. You can visit the wineries, chat with their owners, taste their products and immerse yourself in a world of delicate and authentic sensations. Last but not least, a classic when visiting the city of Paysandú is to try the iconic dessert chajá. Composed mainly of sponge cake, meringue, peach, it was created in 1927 by Orlando Castellano at the renowned confectionery Las Familias. Currently you can see different versions of it with strawberries, dulce de leche and chocolate.


The city of Guichón, located in the department of Paysandú, invites you to discover nature in its purest form, becoming an ideal destination for the practice of ecotourism and adventure tourism. As a gateway to the Montes de Queguay, a national protected natural area, it invites you to delve into the exuberant native mountains, appreciating the native flora and fauna, as well as sailing the Queguay River in canoes and kayaks. Touring the mountains, discovering the medicinal value of the native flora species, is an interesting experience that visitors can enjoy, culminating with a visit to the Medicinal Pharmacy, located at the entrance of the protected area.
At the same time, it offers the opportunity to visit different circuits with local guides to know the main cultural, anthropological and archaeological sites that recall part of Uruguayan history.
On the other hand, framed by the Esteros de Farrapos National Park and the Islands of the Uruguay River, New Berlin is a charming town that invites you to enjoy a diversity of cultural activities and adventure in nature. Participate in the process of production of island honey, hiking on its islands and walks on the river, practice sport fishing, visit the cultural icons and enjoy the oral history told by its inhabitants, are some of the most outstanding. An unmissable attraction is the tourist trail La Yeguada, which offers a beautiful journey appreciating species of flora and fauna native to the area, as well as archaeological findings of the native peoples who settled there.

Hot springs
Located northwest of Uruguay, 400 km from Montevideo, the thermal route occupies the departments of Salto and Paysandú. This area arises from one of the most important water resources on the planet: the Guaraní Aquifer System, which covers much of the subsoil of the territories of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and of course Uruguay. They were discovered in 1946, when they were looking for oil, becoming today one of the most remarkable thermal circuits in Latin America.
Among the most notable are the Dayman hot springs. Specialized in tourism wellnes. These are the owners of the first center of hyperbaric medicine in the region, where they combine the benefits of thermal waters with the technology of regenerative medicine. This treatment, based on the application of high oxygen with concentration and pressure, has very positive results, especially in people with different pathologies. On the other hand, there are the Termas de Almirón, noted for being the only ones of natural salt water coming from the aquifer. They are ideal to enjoy and relax to the maximum, as well as to check the properties of the salts, composed of high tenor of calcium and magnesium.


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