The travel industry invests in new technologies to transform the experiences

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The travel industry invests in new technologies to transform the experiences
Wed January 30, 2019

According to an Accenture study, 77% of executives in the sector said they will use smart devices to obtain information in real time, while 84% will invest in Edge Computing for data processing

We live in a world that is more connected and integrated than ever. The data flows with increasing volume and speed around the world. Artificial Intelligence can use that information to detect, predict and act for the benefit of companies, at all times. And it is the combination of data, advanced technologies and interconnection that gives the Travel Industry a unique opportunity to deliver hyper personalized and real-time experiences.

According to the new Accenture report, four emerging trends that can transform the Travel Industry can be identified:

1. Veracity of the data: the information, from consumers, ecosystem partners, smart sensors, among others, is in the core of real-time experiences of travelers. Thanks to data access, the Travel Industry can now make travelers share their information only once and, using the verified and secure digital identity, travelers can make a frictionless journey, from the taxi, to the airport, to the plane and then the hotel.

In the report, 75% of executives of the Travel Industry agree that they are basing their critical systems and strategies on the data, however, most have not invested in the necessary capacities to verify the veracity of that information. In this sense, BlockChain provides an important opportunity for the Travel Industry to create a secure and verifiable digital identity for its consumers. Despite this, only half of the executives of the Travel Industry say that the investment in BlockChain will be their priority in the next three years.

2. Internet of Things: The development of more connected environments should be one of the strengths of the Travel Industry. The Industry recognizes this challenge and, according to the Accenture study, 84% of executives say they agree that in order to process the high volumes of data, the investment in Edge Computing in the next three years will be fundamental. In addition, 77% say that they will use smart devices and / or Internet of Things devices to obtain information in real time.

3. Business without friction: To deliver quality real-time experiences to their consumers, travel companies must work hand in hand with the ecosystem: Airlines with hotels, car rentals and other industry players. Despite this, only 32% of executives in the Travel Industry claim to have worked with double or more partners than two years ago.

4. Extended Reality: This emerging technology is crucial to eliminate the distance between brands and consumers. Despite this, according to the report, only 31% of executives of the Travel Industry affirm that it is very important for their organizations to be pioneers in solutions of Extended Reality.


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