Carnival is enjoyed at Best Western Santa Marta

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Carnival is enjoyed at Best Western Santa Marta
Wed February 06, 2019

As part of the activities developed by the hotel in the framework of the carnival over the Caribbean coast and Colombia, will take place a new edition of the "ExpoCarnaval Best Western"

A new edition of the "ExpoCarnaval Best Western" will take place at the Best Western Plus Santa Marta facilities. The opening of the show will be presented next Thursday February 7, February from 7:00 pm with a very special event full of colors, masks, art photography, fashion and culture.
The launch will be at the hotel's Art Gallery - Floor 5. "ExpoCarnaval Best Western 2019 will feature this year the presence of designers exhibitors and other personalities of the city who always provide their input to this event" says Carolina Ortega, hotel manager samarium.
It is an event open to the samaric public, guests and visitors which takes place in the hotel annually and where you can find the best sample of regional photography and art as well as the best collection of accessories, hats and dresses painted by hand, all alluding to the Carnival of Barranquilla. "It's an event where we exalt and support the best of our samarian artists," says Carolina.

Those who participate
Henry Navarro, German Garcia, Luis Demetrio Llanos will surprise with a visual display loaded with carnival. An exhibition of posters and photographs that will evoke and enhance the meaning of the Carnival of his native Barranquilla

Jaime Mejia: Renowned designer for dressing up all the queens of the Barranquilla carnival with his creations

Sandra Valencia: Barranquillera, Recognized accessories designer who in this opportunity was inspired by noise, disorder, bullerengue what is translated in LA CAMBABERIA and all this based on culture, tradition, brightness of colors and textures which will be found in its fabrics, paintings and textures; the jocularity of the characters that accompany us this season implicit in our pieces, identified with the traditional Color.

Monica Saldaña: ​​Textile designer, artisan decorator and businesswoman, who with her designs reflects the beauty of every detail, the flora, the fauna and the landscapes come to life in her fused designs with appliques, for this occasion she arrives at the Best Western 2019 ExpoCarnaval with hats, Turkey kimonos and many surprises painted by hand.

Pilar Espina: Among the needles, scissors and fabrics grew Pilar Espina, samaria who since childhood fell in love with the art of sewing and today, she becomes one of the most recognized local designers imposing her own style. Once again, this event will be decorated with your designs. "The one who lives in Best Western is the one who enjoys it" comments Carolina Ortega, Hotel Manager.

Information to the visitor:
It is the 3rd version of ExpoCarnaval at the Best Western Plus Santa Marta hotel.
The income is public; It has no cost and will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day until March 5.


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