Vegans, new challenge for airlines

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Vegans, new challenge for airlines
Thu February 07, 2019

The airlines are prepared to satisfy all their customers and have a variety of specialized menus

Veganism poses a new challenge for airlines, which must undoubtedly be prepared to meet their demand. One of the companies that has worked the most in this area has been Emirates, the airline reported that it had an increase of more than 40% of vegan food during the month of January, which translated into more than 20,000 dishes served on board, free of products of animal origin. The request for these dishes increased during the course of January, known worldwide by vegans as "Veganuary", and inspired by the worldwide movement that seeks to promote veganism as a purpose to start a new year.

The airline satisfies all its customers and has a variety of specialized menus in order to cover medical or religious food needs, designed with a team of nutritionists and chefs. Vegan meals are classified as the third most requested specialty meal in Economy Class. In fact, in December 2018, travelers voted Emirates as the best airline with vegan food in a survey conducted by "Vegan News."

Emirates has more than 170 recipes in its kitchen to give the best service to its vegan customers. The team of nutritionists and chefs of Emirates uses the freshest vegetables and unique cereals to create these special menus. Known for its regionally inspired cuisine on board, Emirates adopts the same approach in the preparation of its vegan meals with recipes inspired by its destinations. Some of the most popular dishes include the mushroom ravioli, the vegetable tagine served with couscous and the sweet potato ragout, lentils and spinach served with steamed brown rice. These meals are completed with a special selection of delicious vegan desserts such as lime parfait with date and citrus compote, chocolate cake or chia seed pudding.

Vegan dishes, along with other special meals, are available on all Emirates flights and in all classes, and can be requested 24 hours before departure. All menus on board are changed monthly.

Emirates offers an impressive selection of cheeses on board and, to ensure no customer is excluded, the airline introduced vegan cheese in April last year. To date, Emirates has served 18,000 kg of cheese made from nuts.

For those customers who are not inclined to a vegan diet, the usual Emirates menus are also prepared by award-winning chefs. The airline serves more than 110 million meals on board each year, paying the same attention to detail in order to create exquisite dishes in Economy, Executive and First Class. Emirates serves more than 55 million passengers a year who eat on board the world's largest air restaurant while traveling to over 140 destinations on five continents.


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