Important changes in the Amadeus staff

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Important changes in the Amadeus staff
Fri February 08, 2019

The firm announced today the appointment of Dietmar Fauser as Senior Vice President (SVP) of the Technology, Platforms and Engineering (TPE) unit and, in addition, its incorporation into the Executive Committee

Fauser, whose most recent position was VP of the Core Platforms and Middleware (CPM) area, played a key role in recent years in supporting SVP, Wolfgang Krips, in the consolidation of the TPE unit. Fauser was key to the merger of the Engineering and Operations teams within the TPE area, forming a team that has improved the productivity of the developers through automated integration. Fauser was also involved in the development and maintenance of technology and Amadeus cloud platforms with the aim of improving the performance and response capacity of the systems.

Fauser holds a degree in Engineering, specializing in Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt (Germany). He joined Amadeus in 1998 as a senior software engineer. Among other positions within the company, he was director of the division of Passenger Name Record (PNR) and member of the design team of the first Altéa product. In 2013, he was appointed VP of Architecture, Quality and Governance (AQG).

In the framework of this appointment, Wolfgang Krips, who created the Amadeus TPE unit in July 2017 after merging the Global Operations and AQG areas, is now SVP of Corporate Strategy. In his new position, Krips will work to define and develop Amadeus' business strategy, generating opportunities for the future growth of the company.

Krips, who joined Amadeus in 2013 from SAP, was previously VP of Global Operations, where he was the head of both the Amadeus operations from the Erding center (Germany) and the company's larger global operations, incorporating the management of all the systems and networks on which Amadeus' full range of products is based.

Before joining Amadeus, Wolfgang Krips held various management positions in SAP, in the areas of development, IT and services. Krips has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cologne (Germany) and studied Economics at the Distance University of Hagen (Germany).

Luis Maroto, CEO of Amadeus, said: "At Amadeus, we always seek to anticipate the future needs of our customers and design the appropriate solutions to respond to them. At a time when our services are increasingly migrating to the cloud and taking advantage of the potential offered by new technologies, Fauser's extensive experience in this segment will give us a unique vision and competitive advantage. " "Krips' leadership over the last six years in the areas of TPE and Global Operations has been key to taking our systems to the next level," added Maroto. "I am convinced that his extensive technological experience and strategic approach will give us a new way of thinking about our corporate strategy".

For his part, Alex Luzarraga, until now responsible for Corporate Strategy, will lead the Amadeus Travel Audience and Destinations business. In his new role, which is more commercial, Luzarraga will oversee Amadeus' advertising services strategy and its assets in this segment, and will use digital data and technological innovations to provide a better service to customers and support them in their process. of adoption of the continuous digital transformation of the sector.

Luzarraga, who has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from ESADE, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona, ​​took the reins of the Corporate Strategy division in 2011. Within the framework of his functions in This unit played a very important role in the transformation of Amadeus, when the company expanded its international presence and its target markets through acquisitions such as Newmarket, Navitaire and, more recently, TravelClick.


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