The majority of passengers arriving in Dominican Republic are North Americans

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The majority of passengers arriving in Dominican Republic are North Americans
February 15, 2019

New York, Toronto and Miami are are the three main issuing cities to the Caribbean country


New York, Toronto and Miami are the three main destinations in air mobilization with an air connection with the Dominican Republic in 2018, according to the information obtained by Infotur Dominicano based on the data provided by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC).

In this sense, the connection route with the city of New York is the one that connects with the Las Americas International Airport, José Francisco Peña Gómez (AILA - JFPG), mobilizing a total of 952,038 passengers in 2018, followed by the New route. York - Cibao International Airport in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, with 950,773 passengers and in third place is the route between Toronto, Lester B. Pearson / Punta Cana with a total of 629,363 passengers.

Miami, according to the information gathered, is the third destination in passenger mobilization, connecting with the AILA-JFPG with a total of 437,769. New York - Punta Cana International Airport is the route that follows with 490,600 passengers, so among the five main routes, three connect New York with three Dominican destinations, mostly, with ethnic market passengers.

The other five routes that complete the top 10 in terms of passenger movement are: Atlanta / Punta Cana with 436,058 passengers; Tocumen / Las Américas, JFPG with 382,388 passengers; Miami-Florida / Punta Cana (380,963); Tocumen / Punta Cana (425,144); Madrid-Barajas / Las Américas, JFPG with 377,091 passengers.

Of these 10 routes, two routes registered a decrease with respect to the passengers mobilized in 2017, these were laxs of Tocumen / Las Americas, JFPG and Florida-Miami / Las Américas, JFPG.

While those that registered greater growth were New York / Del Cibao and Toronto, Lester B. Pearson / Punta Cana.


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