91% of the time in smartphones is used in apps, how to take advantage?

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91% of the time in smartphones is used in apps, how to take advantage?
Mon February 18, 2019

Mobile devices have become an essential part of people's day-to-day lives and are key to many decisions they must make. From Logan, they made a brief analysis about the age of the apps


In LATAM, 9 out of 10 people connected to the internet have a smartphone, which on average spend five hours a day connected, or more than 37 hours a week; this value increases to 40 hours in the case of millennials. The users of the region have on average almost 22 installed apps, and in terms of mobile commerce, only 1 in 5 users have never bought from their cell phone and there is even a trend of growth.
Now the question is to analyze what it is that makes them so attractive to these small programs that await on smartphones to be used in times of doubt, geographical location, reading or games.
"There are several studies, like Comscore, that show us that the different categories of applications align perfectly with all our basic needs; This means that our cell phone is covering most of our needs through the apps ", says Angélica Albores Gordillo, Programmatic Manager of Logan Media, the most important independent mobile marketing agency in Latin America.
In this regard, the specialist explained that, if at one point you are hungry and do not know what to eat, you can grab your phone and order the food you want through an app of home delivery services, so the physiological need feeding would be covered.
Another example can be to pay bills, such as rent or services, which can be done with the homebanking application, with which a money transfer is made (security need covered). Or someone who knew his partner through an app of dating and went to live in another country with the person he met by that means (need to relate). Or maybe if a person just sees on Facebook a very interesting news that he was talking with friends, so he labels them and shares them with them (need for recognition). Even reaching the needs of self-realization can be important, because a person can be on the trip of your dreams, so he begins to make Instagram stories of everything that lives in the place.
"Now, the reasons for this utility go through the ability of the devices to collect user data to enrich the interaction and experience. In this sense, cookies, which were the method of collecting web data, became obsolete; and the solution to this problem were the IDs. An ID is a unique code that has the device, almost like a serial number, "says Angélica Albores Gordillo de Logan.

What does this ID do? What are the uses you have?
Each time a person downloads and accepts the conditions of use of an application, he consents that his ID collects for approximately 21 months part of data, which allows understanding certain tastes, interests, behaviors, knowing the geolocation, type of device, operating system , gender, age, among many more data.​
For the reader: There are various uses that can be given to this information, so instead of panicking, it must be understood that it is thanks to this data collection that is received each day allows a greater number of suggestions personalized, either entertainment, travel and / or personal interests. In this way you can stop interacting with advertising that is of little interest.​
For advertisers and agencies: Brands must begin to consider that in-app advertising gives the best results for the return of investment.

And the advantages?​
Among the main advantages is that you can see that in-app ads are more reliable than traditional web. The engagement is probably the greatest strength of in-app advertising; the geolocation is accurate, there is better segmentation by audience and categories, and it is even possible to direct the campaign by carrier, gender, operating system or applications themselves.
To the media: While it is important for the monetization of content to be distributed on social networks, it is vital to consider that the model is changing and that advertising investment inevitably takes into account the user's consumption time. So every day the advertising investment of in-app inventory is growing.



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