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Travel2Latam studies the influence of social networks
Tue February 19, 2019

More than half of travelers want to visit a place where none of their friends have been. One in five admits choosing a lodging that seems more expensive than it is, the world leader in the sector that connects travelers with the widest range of incredible accommodation, has examined the information provided by 21,500 travelers from 29 countries to know the impact of social networks in the reserve of alternative accommodation.

As holiday photos that are now uploaded to social networks are considered the equivalent of the postcards of before, travelers do not stop looking for inspiration, individuality and visibility. To find these three things, they are willing to look for accommodation in less touristy places. In fact, 51% * of travelers from all over the world want to visit a place where none of their friends have been before.

Travelers not only use social networks more than ever to impress their family and friends, but also to find inspiration for their vacations, in publications, photos, influencers and apps, all within reach of a key. The rise of social networks has modified the entire travel experience, from inspiration and planning to booking and sharing content.

Once in the destination, travelers look for "instachable moments" to share their content with hashtags and one in five people (20%) * ensures that they choose a lodging that they can retouch in their vacation photos to make it look more expensive than What is it. In addition, 28% * admit that reserving attractive accommodation is a must in order to take photos that allow you to share those #objectives with your friends, family and followers. So it's no wonder that 26% * of travelers around the world plan to choose a unique accommodation to look like trendsetters or different from the rest. has a wide variety of accommodation types, such as igloos, tree houses, riads, ryokans, etc., so it is the best option to avoid the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or fear of getting lost and finding something that unique accommodation you're looking for for your vacation.


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