Everything ready in Bogotá for the opening of the Anato Tourist Showcase

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Everything ready in Bogotá for the opening of the Anato Tourist Showcase
Tue February 26, 2019

From tomorrow until March 1 the most important international event in Colombia is held in Corferias


Organized by the Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and TOURISM (ANATO), it is also the scenario where attendees have the opportunity to know the tourist offer of more than 35 countries and all regions of Colombia.
"For this version of the ANATO Tourist Showcase, we have chosen Guatemala and El Salvador as international destinations to be promoted in 2019, which constitute potential contributors to the industry. We want them to expose all their attractions and attendees know how to market them, "said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.
The Central American subcontinent is becoming increasingly relevant in global tourism. According to data from Migración Colombia, in 2017 a record number of Colombians leaving for destinations in Central America and the Caribbean was reached with 1,148,844 million people, which represented an increase of 7.8% compared to 2016. Of this total , 56,369 Colombians went to El Salvador and Guatemala during 2017.
For the year, specifically in the case of these two countries, there have been significant increases in the arrival of foreign visitors from these countries, because between January and September 2018, the same source recorded the entry of 21,452 Salvadorans and 17,821 Guatemalan, translated into a growth of 4.9% and 10.1% respectively.
According to the Civil Aeronautics, in the number of passengers transported on the routes between Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador, there has also been an increasing trend, since 2017 was the year with the highest number of international passengers, with a total of 167,215 between the two countries, which meant a positive variation of 5.2% and an occupancy rate of 4.82%.
In terms of passenger movement, for the period January-September 2018, according to the same source, a total of 132,274 was recorded, that is, 7% more than those registered in the same period of the previous year.
It is highlighted that this increase has been presented for the two countries, taking into account that El Salvador registered 75,043 passengers, 7.6% more than last year, and Guatemala reached 57,231 passengers, which meant 5.8% more than those presented in January to September 2018.

The beauty of the Mayan world
Guatemala has been recognized worldwide as the country that contains the greatest wealth of the Mayan Civilization. In addition to the exuberant biodiversity, it has the largest number of archaeological sites in the entire region. More than 50% of the country's population is of Mayan origin, and 22 languages ​​are currently spoken.
On the other hand, in El Salvador there are Mayan cities, which have been included in the tourist offer of this country, in the so-called Archaeological Route that takes visitors to one of the most influential cultures in the history of the World. It also has archaeological sites such as Casa Blanca, where you can learn the technique of dyeing in indigo; Tazumal, with the highest Mayan structure in the country; and in the paracentral zone and east of the country, Cihuatán and Quelepa.

Volcanoes, attractive giants
In Guatemala you can admire Lake Atitlan, considered by National Geographic as the most beautiful lake in the world for its deep blue color and natural environment. It is located at 1600 meters at sea level and is surrounded by several towns and volcanoes, which offer a unique view of the place.
In turn, El Salvador offers a route called El Boquerón, which is made by the perimeter of the San Salvador volcano, 35 minutes from the capital city on the El Volcán Highway. This rocky mass shared between three important hills, El Jabalí with 1300 masl, El Picacho with 1959 and El Boquerón with 1893.

Mystical destinations
The eastern region of Guatemala is characterized by the warm climate and the Catholic religious fervor of the city of Esquipulas, a pilgrimage center to visit the Basilica that protects the famous miraculous Black Christ. One of the most important festivities celebrated in this country is Holy Week or Greater Week, as part of a tradition that includes native cuisine, colored sawdust carpets under the creativity of parishioners or vegetables. In 2008 Holy Week was declared Intangible Cultural Patrimony of the Nation by the authorities of the Government of Guatemala.



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