ANATO Tourist Showcase opened its 2019 edition

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ANATO Tourist Showcase opened its 2019 edition
Thu February 28, 2019

Yesterday the doors of the event were opened with the traditional inaugural act held in the auditorium of Corferias and with the presence of Dr. Iván Duque, President of Colombia


During the event, which was attended by ministers and delegations of national and international businessmen, Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO, addressed his words of thanks to the tourism ministers, José Napoleón Duarte and Jorge Mario Chajón, of the countries highlighted by this version of the Tourist Showcase: El Salvador and Guatemala; and Dilian Francisca Toro, governor of Valle del Cauca, guest guest of honor.
The opening event also featured the participation of singer Gusi, image of the new national promotion campaign `Yo voy', which was launched within the framework of the event by the president, who highlighted the importance of investing in showing the attractions of Colombia to encourage more foreigners to visit the country and nationals to rediscover their own territory.
Through her speech, the trade union leader distinguished Duque as a standard-bearer in the industry. "You have accompanied us in the most important scenarios of ANATO, because we have been working for 70 years for Colombian tourism and the opening of new opportunities for the country."

Likewise, he highlighted 4 essential aspects for the good development of tourism in the country.
The first of these is related to the designation of the fiscal resources that the Ministry of Finance allocates to the sector, since they have been insufficient to work on the promotion and signage in the destinations and above all to implement strategies against informality. Likewise, once again, it was requested that the resources of the tourism tax be transferred in full to the Fontur for the exclusive development of this activity in the country.
The second, has to do with that although, according to figures from the AeroCivil, the movement of national passengers to 2018, had a growth of 3%, was one of the lowest during the last 10 years, added to this, the disappearance of routes, market concentration and fewer frequencies. Therefore, the trade union leader requested a regulatory framework that stimulates the air supply in the country, improving competition and the occupation factor in flights, increasing connectivity and improving the possibility that more Colombians and foreigners can access all the Destinations.
The third is related to working together to eradicate informality. Although progress has been made through the tourist protection group of the MinCIT and the tourism police, through the informality brigades where compliance with the norm is reviewed, it is necessary to urgently establish the hardening of the requirements of the RNT and a minimum financial capital, in order to protect the consumer and the good image of the sector.
Finally, he spoke about the need for the Government to have greater articulation through the Higher Council of Tourism, in such a way that issues related to portfolios such as environment, culture, transport, tourism and parks, among others, are considered jointly to generate actions that allow the benefit of the sector.


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