Uruguay, Argentina and Chile draw regional strategies to attract cruise ships

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Uruguay, Argentina and Chile draw regional strategies to attract cruise ships
Mon March 04, 2019

The three countries will present in the next edition of the Seatrade Cruise Global 2019 in the United States a common strategy to boost activity in South America

The president of the National Port Administration (ANP), Alberto Díaz, said that Uruguay, Argentina and Chile will present in the next edition of the Seatrade Cruise Global 2019, in the United States, a common strategy to capture cruise tourism in South America. . For this reason, port representatives and tourism authorities from the three countries held a working meeting in Montevideo.

Port and tourism authorities from Uruguay, Argentina and Chile held a meeting on Wednesday 27 in Montevideo to plan their participation in the Seatrade Cruise Global 2019, which will take place from April 8 to 11 in Miami Beach, in the southeastern state of Florida. .

Díaz participated in the meeting together with Uruguay's Undersecretary of Tourism, Benjamín Liberoff, and the Undersecretary of Tourism of Chile, Mónica Zalaquett. Sebastián Montero, executive director of the Corporation of Ports of Conosur, a private entity that brings together Chilean companies in the sector that receive cruise ships, and the General Ports Administration Comptroller of the port of Buenos Aires, Gonzalo Mórtola, also attended.

The head of the ANP stressed, in dialogue with the Secretariat of Institutional Communication, that for the first time the three countries will be neighbors in one of the areas of the main fair of the sector. "Not only do we intend to show unity, but a common strategy to capture cruises as a region and not individually," he said.

The possibility of the ports of the intervening countries, plus Brazil, being presented to the cruise companies as a region was addressed in the framework of the VI Regional Meeting of Cruises and River Nautical Tourism, which took place on October 18 and 19. 2018 and brought together the port authorities of the continent, shipowners and tour operators.

Diaz said that, in addition to port aspects, the need to adopt joint actions to attract extraregional tourism was analyzed. The interviewee reported that at the end of the day the participants signed "an act that contains suggestions on how to improve the activity (aimed at the different governments)". In that sense, it is sought that the cruise tourist spend the night longer, as well as designing different thematic regional routes, or benefits for the crew, among other initiatives.

The interviewee assured that, after the Seatrade, there will be new instances of work. He said that, in turn, our country and Argentina have the objective of attracting the interest of private investors to develop the activity of river cruises that sail for tourist purposes the Uruguay River.


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