Lufthansa Group and Amadeus agree to renew the technological alliance

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Lufthansa Group and Amadeus agree to renew the technological alliance
Mon March 11, 2019

Both companies expand their alliance and include new areas of collaboration

The Lufthansa Group (LHG) and Amadeus today announce an agreement for the renewal of their historic technology alliance.

Thanks to the agreement, the technological systems - for reservations, departure control and inventory management - of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines will continue to be managed through the Altéa Passenger Service System (PSS) platform of Amadeus. In addition, LHG and Amadeus expand the partnership in order to incorporate new areas of collaboration. The areas in which Amadeus offers support to The Lufthansa Group range from the operative to the options of sale and merchandising, passing through the management of disruptions.

"Amadeus and Lufthansa Group are two companies with European roots that share the objective of boosting growth and digitalization worldwide," said Dr. Roland Schütz, Executive Vice President Information Management & Lufthansa Group CIO. "The Amadeus systems will continue to help the Lufthansa Group with its industry-leading solutions that drive innovation."

"We are pleased to announce this agreement through which we expand our collaboration with the Lufthansa Group," said Julia Sattel, President of the Amadeus Airlines division. "Our alliance builds on a deep mutual sense of understanding and respect, and this agreement demonstrates the collaborative and individualized approach we take to our customers." Amadeus' leading technology helps the Lufthansa Group achieve its business objectives. "

Among the areas in which Amadeus and Lufthansa Group are collaborating, the following stand out:

- Passenger management with Amadeus Passenger Recovery: SWISS partnered with Amadeus to implement this solution, which optimizes and automates the integral management of passengers with greater efficiency and speed in times of disruption. Amadeus Passenger Recovery is able to analyze numerous incidents in flights taking into account the itinerary of each of the passengers and their total value. When SWISS used this tool for the first time, reservations of 100 passengers were managed in just three minutes when their flight was canceled. Since its launch with SWISS, Amadeus Passenger Recovery has been implemented in Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines and will be deployed further into the year on Brussels Airlines.

- Airport payments with Amadeus Airport Pay: with the common goal of optimizing the experience of passengers at airports, Lufthansa Group was the launch partner of Amadeus Airport Pay, a tool that allows passengers to make payments at airports independently of the billing infrastructure. It is the first wireless payment solution in the sector that accepts payments with EMV chip cards and can be used with different airlines, handling companies and banks. Currently, Lufthansa is deploying the solution in more than 170 airports around the world.

- Marketing of products: Amadeus technology has been training the Lufthansa website and its digital channels for a long time. One of the tools that is helping to boost sales is Lufthansa Miles & Cash, an innovative solution that allows passengers to pay part of their tickets in miles on a proportional scale.


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